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One case study identifying and defining an organizational situation of sufficient cultural and political complexity to warrant diagnostic analysis, and the carrying out of that analysis.

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Xerox : Dealing with increasing diversity

In our today ‘s workforce , it is inevitable to have differences in culture , age , gender , abilities , and other personal differences . And since differences between co-workers are inevitable , we can say that discrimination is highly possible in organizations and firms . These differences between the workers of the company create diversity

Diversity has its own importance in the labor force . They can create different new ideas and opportunities . They can provide the companies with different level of potentials . Although diversity in the labor force seems to look good [banner_entry_middle]

, it also has its flaws that might need to have diversity management . There are a lot of organizations and firms that has a diverse workforce and most of them encounter problems in discrimination , respect , and cultural conflict . One of these companies is Xerox

Case Overview : Diversity Training Theatre at Xerox

The white middle-age male manager insults the young black female engineer , suggesting she is only a token and saying that he does not want to put a woman in a man ‘s job right off the bat

When his tirade is finished , the roomful of Xerox managers breaks into applause

The outburst of anger is an act , one carefully prepared by Xerox and Cornell Theatre Outreach group of Cornell University to teach managers about diversity issues in the workplace

In this scenario , The invisible barrier ‘ actor Max Fury plays the bigoted boss and Chiffonye Cobb plays the young engineer

After each performance , the actors stay in character while Xerox managers question them about their actions and motivations . Sandra Carrington , a training specialist with Cornell ‘s human resource office introduces each scenario and directs questions

The audience participation sometimes gets lively and one actor , like Fury , usually plays villains , was once threatened by a Xerox manager waving a shoe

A group discussion period follows each scene and managers learn from each other . Discussion leaders at each table explore what went wrong and how the problems can be solved

Interactive theatre made its debut at Xerox location in El Segundo and Sunnyvale , California . The program then moved to the Rochester , New York office . All of the approximately 1 ,900 managers in Xerox ‘s Development and Manufacturing Operations have gone through the program

Xerox spokesman said that a follow up program is being planned so that managers can teach diversity awareness to other employees and see to it that the message cascades through the ranks

The actors are all part of the Cornell Theatre Outreach group , directed by Janet Salmons-Rue . The Cornell Company specializes in using theatre as a resource for education and training . Since 1985 , it has created programs that address social , academic , and human resource issues

Elements of actual cases or situations are dramatized to illustrate a problem . But unlike real situations , participants can break to discuss those problems , sort out what happened and consider solutions

The Xerox-Cornell collaboration began in May 1990when Deborah Smith vice president of Xerox human resources and support services participate in a presentation developed by… [banner_entry_footer]


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