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Introduction 1

Industry : 1

ASDA : 1

How ASDA Establishes Good Customer Relations 2

Identifying Real Customers 2

Customers Needs First 2

How ASDA Translates Customer Needs into Product and Services 4 Services /Product Improvement 4

The Operational Systems and Processes in Place to Satisfy Product /Service Requirement 5

Work Methods 5

Services Planning 6

Capacity Planning , Process Layout , Product / Services Scheduling Inventory and Projects Management 7

Facility Layout 7

Inventory Management 9

Why and How Monitoring And Evaluation [banner_entry_middle]

of Operations Are Carried Out 9

Customer Services Performance 9

Cost and Benefit Analysis 10

Further Profit Improvement Analysis 12

Conclusion 13

Recommendation for Improvement 13

References 14



The second largest booming industry in the world as well as in the US is the retail industry in terms if infrastructure and employees . It creates 3 .8 retail sales per year . The largest retail company in the world is Wall Mart and ASDA is one of its businesses

The retail industry has been employing 11 .6 percent of US workforce . In UK as well 11 of all the enterprises are retail businesses , 6 percent of the GDP and reported accumulated sales of

F249 billion in 2005


The ASDA Company was initiated by a group of farmers from Yorkshire . It was made a part of the Wall Mart Business in 1999 . About 260 ASDA stores are established throughout England , Scotland and Wales providing products such as fresh food , fresh produce , grocery , clothing , home leisure , and entertainment goods

How ASDA Establishes Good Customer Relations

Identifying Real Customers

ASDA chain of stores is a community centered enterprise , i .e . the operations of the store depend on the community it resides in . This makes it a very specialized and a customized version of a retail shop with which the customers can relate to The store ran a loyalty customer scheme , ASDA Club , on 19 of its stores in the country on a trial basis which resulted in the scheme being cancelled and not being implemented nation wide . The reason for it was that the scheme was too expensive and ASDA would otherwise not have been able to keep their price low which is its main feature . The final verdict was that cutting the prices across the board on the Rollback program was only and most efficient method of rewarding the customers by ASDA

Customers Needs First

ASDA chain of stores has over the years identified the trends in shopping in retail stores and has been seeking to provide its customers with more convenience based shopping . ASDA has also launched its online version by which customers can buy and deliveries from home . Aside from this ASDA has also started catering to the diverse population of customers and community challenges present . In an effort to support their strategy the company has made the following efforts ? Halal meat has been introduced in the stores for its 1 million Muslim customers ? Induction of the community program . This supports local charities and good causes… [banner_entry_footer]


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