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Obesity in the U.S.

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My is on the problem of obesity in the United States . It seems that on any given day you can turn on the television or read a news and there is a discussion about the growing problem of obesity . Many people claim they know why this problem is on the rise , and many people claim to know how to solve the problem . However , nobody seems to know how to solve the problem permanently . In this essay I will present and discuss the evidence , uncertainties , ambiguities , controversies solutions and limitations of the [banner_entry_middle]

solutions to the obesity problem . I will then propose my own possible solution , as there is no single solution to this open-ended problem

Differing points of view on the problem of obesity in the United States

in the United States is quickly becoming an epidemic

According to Findlay , Obesity should be considered an epidemic because more people are obese nowadays because of their lifestyle changes and other reasons . It is termed epidemic because the percentage of obese persons have increased because more people are now working in offices where they sit down the whole day as compared to yesteryears when more people were working in the factories and farms . The US department of agriculture survey showed that Americans are not eating bigger breakfasts , lunches , or dinners–but they are noshing and nibbling like never before . Between the 1970s and the 1990s , men and women essentially doubled the calories consumed between meals (by between 160 and 240 calories . In 1987-88 , Americans typically snacked less than once a day by 1994 they were snacking 1 .6 times per day . The opponents of fast food would argue that those cookies and pre-wrapped apple pies at McDonald ‘s must account for calories . Again the data fail to make their case . Women ate only about six more snack calories at fast food restaurants , while men ate eight more snack calories , over the past two decades . Americans eat their between-meal calories mostly at home .Supermarket shoppers are pulling goodies off of store shelves and ripping into them at the stores before they even drive home . In fact consumers eat two to three times more goodies inside stores than at fast food restaurants . Obesity is an epidemic that must be treated immediately to avoid loss of lives through heart attack and other diseases is a disease because it has identifiable signs and symptoms

According to Findlay , like other diseases , obesity can be identified with its unique signs and symptoms such as being overweight . Findlay stated that Skeptical opponents assert four things (a ) that plain old overeating and inactivity are the chief causes of obesity (even in people with a genetic “propensity (b ) that the gene pool hasn ‘t changed in the past 20 years , but eating habits have (c ) that not all obese people are unhealthy and (d ) that “medicalizing ” obesity will detract from public health efforts focused on individual responsibility for one ‘s weight . But again , obese can easily be recognized by its weight… [banner_entry_footer]


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