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There are 48 million school children who take their lunch in school everyday . Foods served in school cafeterias must be closely monitored They must be nutritious first and foremost

Due to hectic school and after-school activities , students keep a rather erratic pattern of eating . Oftentimes they miss breakfast to catch the bus or race to their first hour class . Either they subsist on snacks for the entire day or eat at a fast food restaurant later . They may overeat on their next meal . One important reason why breakfast should not [banner_entry_middle]

be missed , is because this meal is where people get the energy they will need to last throughout the day . It has likewise been noted that those who take breakfasts perform better in school than those who did not or are not used to having breakfast at all . What they have for the rest of day are junk food like chips and soda , or fast food for their first and only meal for the day

Junk food and fast food have little nutritional value . An unhealthy diet makes people potential risks for eating diss and diseases caused by poor diet and nutrition . Even while young , kids should watch their diet because it not only affects their health and well-being now but also when they are older

Those who engage in sports or those who belong to their school ‘s sports team are conscious of maintaining their athletic form . Sometimes they keep a loose regiment that is not healthy at all . In their desire to keep their weight down to the ideal they resort to crash diets . They take supplements and energy boosters to sustain them . They eat filling but unhealthy or nutrition-deficient foods to satisfy their hearty appetites . They fail to consider that nutrition is essential to good health and fine athletic performance

People these days even in most parts of the world lead busy and active lives especially students . Adolescent obesity is increasing not because of lack of physical activity but because of too much fast food and junk food . Physical exertion must be complimented by foods low in fat and sugar and high in nutritional value

The National School Lunch Program or the NSLP and the School Breakfast Program are created to provide free and discounted meals for school children . They are required to provide 1 /3 of Recommended Dietary Allowances or RDAs of Protein , Vitamin A , Vitamin C , Iron , Calcium and Calories at lunch and ? of the RDAs of the same nutrients at breakfast Meals served in schools follow RDAs according to the ages of school children

The US Department of Agriculture released the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA ) as guide for the nutritional needs of children . While lunch and breakfast foods are regulated by the NSLP and the SBP , there are foods with minimal nutritional value that are sold alongside foods served by the Federal meal programs . USDA does not allow these foods with minimal nutritional value to be served during mealtimes in the school… [banner_entry_footer]


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