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Critique of the medical research article

Title of Article : Immunologic memory in Haemophilus influenzae type b conjugate vaccine failure

Authors of the Article : McVernon , J , Johnson ,

.D , Pollard , A .J Slack , M .P . and Moxon , E .R

Research Journal : Arch Dis Child , 2003 , May , vol . 88 , no . 5 , pp . 379-83

The purpose of this study was to compare the antibody response to invasive infection with the bacteria Haemophilus influenzae type b (HIb , between children immunized with the HIb conjugate vaccine and children not immunized with the vaccine . The [banner_entry_middle]

study also attempted to look for indications of priming for immunologic memory . The study is an unmatched case-control study , conducted on children belonging to 2 different populations and during different periods of time . The incidence rates of severe forms of HIb were similar in children of both populations up to the age of 12 months . Corrections were being made with relation to age of presentation and timing of collection of the blood sample . The study was reasonably large as it was conducted on 93 cases (out of the 171 in whom the vaccine failed in the UK ) and 92 controls (in Australia

Children who were not fulfilling certain criteria (such as those prematurely born , with other illnesses or who had incomplete antibody formation ) were kept out of the study . The cases were studied accurately using advanced laboratory tests (such as blood tests , CSF studies and throat swabs , history and previous records . Hence , the results obtained are more reliable

The study has demonstrated that the immune response was higher in vaccinated children than unvaccinated children , in HIb meningitis . This difference may be due to priming for immunologic memory by the vaccine This was the first study to show that vaccination had no effect on the immune response in children who were convalescing HIb epiglottitis This may be due to the presence of pre-existing immunity (following previous oro-pharyngeal infection ) in children belonging to both vaccinated and unvaccinated groups

The children who had participated in this study were being adequately protected during the study . The identity of no subject was revealed Approval was being taken from the appropriate institutional review board and participatory groups

A majority of the children in the UK are protected from HIb infection through vaccination with the HIb conjugate vaccine . However , the manner in which immunologic memory and other immune mechanisms bestow immunity need to be studied further


McVernon , J , Johnson ,

. D , Pollard , A . J , Slack M .

Moxon , E . R (2003 , Immunologic memory in Haemophilus influenzae type B conjugate vaccine failure , Arch Dis Child , 88 (5 , 379-383

HYPERLINK “http /adc .bmjjournals .com /cgi /content /full /88 /5 /379 ?maxtoshow HITS 10 hits 10 RESULTFORMAT fulltext EPIGLOTTITIS andorexactfulltext and sear chid 1 FIRSTINDEX 0 sortspec relevance resourcetype HWCIT R6 http /adc .bmjjournals .com /cgi /content /full /88 /5 /379 ?maxtoshow HITS 10 hits 10 RESULTFORMAT fulltext EPIGLOTTITIS andorexactfulltext and searc hid 1 FIRSTINDEX 0 sortspec relevance resourcetype HWCIT R6

Rose , M . A , Schubert , R , Strnad , N… [banner_entry_footer]


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