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nurses floating to different specialized units

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Running Head : Nurses Floating to Different Specialized Areas


Issue that impacts nurse leaders /managers : nurses floating to different specialized areas


Floating is a staffing strategy that is seen as a solution to the general problem of nursing shortage . Floating involves utilizing nurses to work in different specialized units . Floating has its advantages in that it gives nurses an opportunity for overall professional development and relieves them from additional responsibilities such as delegating and staffing . Float nurses stick to patient care . However , as they have to work in [banner_entry_middle]

units for which they are not sufficiently educated or trained , they find themselves inadequate in providing quality patient care . Moreover , it affects their overall sense of connectedness with their patients , their peers , and their specialty department . Thus floating of nurses is considered by many as a threat to both nurses and patients . However , more recently , it has been found that the float nurse can be trained to meet varied needs of specialized units . This is made all the more easier when the float nurse undergoes training for a cluster of closely related specialty units . Resource teams are float pools where specialty of the nurse is recognized and training is provided as per needs by the management


Nursing shortage is one of the major issues facing the healthcare sector of the United States . This is attributed mainly due to lack of enthusiasm amongst the youngsters today for pursuing nursing as a career option and secondly due to the rising population . To counter the increasing demands of nursing , the concept of floating has been introduced in many hospitals and clinical settings . Floating is a very recent phenomenon in nursing introduced mainly due to problems such as staffing shortages and fluctuating census (Dziuba-Ellis , 2006 . Nurses are in general trained to work in particular specialties . But working in different specialized units requires them to undergo cross-training This causes stress to the nurses and they lose their efficiency and confidence of attending to critically ill patients in specialized departments . In fact , when nurses are floated to different specialized units , both the nurses and the patients suffer . While the nurses find themselves inadequately trained to work in certain specialized units patients face the danger of negligent or faulty treatment . Suitable analysis of issues involved in floating of nurses to different specialized units shows that this is highly risky both from the viewpoint of nurses and the viewpoint of patients . This problem is particularly relevant in today ‘s context as the concept of having a float pool of nurses is touted as a solution to the overwhelming national problem of nursing shortage . This focuses on the issue of floating of nurses to various specialized units in the United States – the reasons for floating , impact of such floating on nurses , impact of floating on patients and how to adapt this concept to the situation of nursing shortage . This will not cover alternate solutions to nursing shortage . The floating of professional nurses to unfamiliar practice settings should… [banner_entry_footer]


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