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Relationships of Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty at the

Rubens at the Palace Hotel in London

I . Introduction

Loyalty is won by the party that needs it . There exist a battle ‘ that has to be fought in to win a faithful relationship between parties . It is generally true for all situations that the loyalty of another party to a predominant one has to be won . After the battle is won , loyalty has to be nurtured in to maintain it . Although loyalty may prop up naturally because of affinity , or by family [banner_entry_middle]

bloodline , or by birthright , there is a tendency to deviate from this loyalty when there is cause for argument between parties

In the business frontier , the loyalty of the customer to the caterer has been well researched by many authors . There is still plenty to be understood about the human behavior of clients when it comes to loyalty There are intrinsic relationships between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty and is still one of the s that need dissection and analysis . Most studies about this would tend to generalize and apply the conclusions on other situations when a working model has been conceived

The coverage of the application of working models for winning customer loyalty via customer satisfaction can be very broad and also tends to be hard-to-manage specially if customs , traditions and culture are not within the premises with the working model

The importance of a study dealing with perception as it affect business operation such as studies on customer satisfaction and loyalty lays in the difficulty of setting measures which once done could give us invaluable insight both on how a business operates and how clients would respond to such a business such as in the highly competitive hotel business . Knowing the dynamics of satisfying clients and winning clients loyalty would definite provide a hotelier with the cutting edge against competition

1 .1 The Research Problem

The theory is that there is a strong relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty . Customer satisfaction may only be one factor for winning and nurturing customer loyalty , but it could be the strongest factor . Although there are other factors that influence customer loyalty , like attitude and behavior , customer satisfaction seem to dominate these other factors because the customer ‘s behavior and attitude is subject to change once his satisfaction is brought to the fullest . The science of customer satisfaction most of the time influences the memory banks of a customer in the sense that the satisfaction brought about leaves an imprint inside

The therefore seeks to answer the following questions

1 . Is there clear markers demarcating satisfaction and loyalty

2 . Is satisfaction a prerequisite of loyalty

3 . Could the working definition of satisfaction be expanded to create a model of the dynamic relationship at the level of loyalty between an establishment and its customer

4 . Could this model be applicable to similar businesses

The research problem poses a challenge both the practical and the theoretical level which… [banner_entry_footer]


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