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Website Review- HYPERLINK “http /www .njcareers .com www .njcareers .com

www .njcarrers .com is a web directory of its kind that claims to provide career related information , when you need it . Unlike casual surfing on the net , when one is looking for crucial information , the approach is to locate what ‘s true and up to date . Njcareers .com comes across as such a website . However , with the good , there are a few thorns that hurt the eye

The first thing to note about njcareers .com is that it is compact and [banner_entry_middle]

aims to provide a great deal of information , which is the objective of any web directory . The information is clearly listed under precise categories . There are popular categories and links on the home page that cover a variety of career s such as job search , career opportunities , career education , top companies , work at home , and more . So the site works well enough as a one-stop resource for links to other websites relevant to the search that is being conducted . Titled HYPERLINK “http /www .njcareers .com ” www .njcareers .com , it leads one to rightly assume that the directory concerns itself with being a resource pool for career opportunities . The website has links to several websites on as many s related to vocational help , education , employment etc . Thus , it is absolutely clear why the website exists and exactly what information it is trying to provide

However , the website is a maze and a tad confusing ! The main page displayed no doubt provides ample number of links to websites that not only provide you career options and job openings , but information regarding specializations , career skills business schools , training and work at home opportunities , but there is no link back to the home page . You may continue from page to page , but there is no way of getting back to where you started , other than continuously clicking back ‘ on the browser window . Moreover , explanatory text is missing . There is no clue as to the aim , vision and objective of the website , which must be mentioned on the home page to assure a visitor that you mean business ! Furthermore , the inclusion of separate tabs for career related articles , forums etc would have been quality additions to the website

Next , there is no About Us ‘ or Contact Us ‘ page included in the website , which means , there is no way of finding out who made the website . There is no contact information either such as the physical address , phone number or even an e-mail There is also no clue as to when the website was last updated . These factors seriously affect the credibility of the website

A good point to be noticed is the uniformity of colour and font throughout the website . The pages within the website do look similar and the spacious backdrop and organized listing of categories , gives the consumer a clear view of what information is available to him . In addition , the content though minimalist , is superior with no spelling or grammar errors… [banner_entry_footer]


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