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New York City



New York City

New York City (NYC ) is one of the most expressive cities in the United States . NYC ‘s appeal to many human senses formulates a unique atmosphere that is unsurpassed by any other American city

The sounds of NYC are loud . Everywhere one goes , the sounds of honking cabs and motors running overwhelm the hearing senses . Cars honk at every stop for no reason at all . If traffic is not moving or if one is trying to change lanes , honking seems to be [banner_entry_middle]

the method of driver communication or frustration release

The smell in NYC can be putrid . The garbage in alley ways behind businesses and restaurants sits for many hours to days filling up the air with a rotting smell . There does not seem to be much effort in bagging the garbage and items sit out in the open air . Rats and birds flock to these alleys in search of food , increasing the awful smell with rodent excretions

The sights in NYC are that of concrete and huge flashing signs . When walking in downtown NYC , the concrete buildings are overwhelming with the closeness and tallness of huge concrete slabs . While the concrete can seem cold , it can also be beautiful with the expressive architectural designs of many of the buildings . The huge flashing signs and billboards are also unique sights . There are so many big corporate headquarters , businesses , television , and Broadway advertisements all competing for the attention of tourists and locals

The tastes of NYC are extremely pleasing to the palate . With such a diverse population , one can eat any type of food in downtown NYC . The best is the NYC pizza and calzones . In other parts of the country , it is believed that the water in NYC allows the pizza dough to be the best consistency and tasting of all pizza in the United States

NYC is the best city to engage all the human senses in the United States . The atmosphere and expressiveness of NYC allow the human senses to become alive to enjoy robust engagement



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