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Newtons first law

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It happens quite often that what might seem to be an observation completely unrelated to the functioning of human society in fact can be used for analysis of certain aspects of our life . For example , consider the fundamental First Law of Motion formulated by Isaac Newton , which states that a body at rest remains at rest , and a body in motion continues to move in a straight line with a constant speed unless and until an external . force acts upon it (Wikipedia 2006 . Indeed at first sight this law is devoted exclusively to [banner_entry_middle]

the physical realm of the natural world . However , if we were to single out the basic meaning of this law we would probably unanimously agree that this axiom is about inertia , the notion of which is not alien to the sphere of human psychology . Truly , manifestations of inertia , be they in the form of passivity or of our deep-seated habits , are an extremely important quality of human nature . We can equally compare the external force mentioned by Newton to the role of external factors in shaping people`s characters and world views . And while the fact that we all to a large degree are products of social interactions is quite a commonplace one many of us have our own unique personal accounts of such external forces that have shaped our lives . I as well have had an external influence that has affected me and changed my direction in life in a visible way Let me specify what kind of influence it was

When a child , I never cared much of money as I thought that these were fun and happiness that came first . These views of mine persisted despite the lack of financial stability in my family as my father was struggling to support us by working hard for long hours for my mother , sister and me not to starve . Eventually , my father managed to start his own business , which , due to his ethics of hard work and dedication , spelled success . As our prosperity grew , things were great for me , and I started to take the power of money for granted . But one day my father was scammed and his business came to the edge of bankruptcy . And at this point , things began to change . Perhaps the most striking change that happened was the distance that appeared between us and our previous family friends who started avoiding my father as he was asking for help In the end , no one was out there for help , and this sad revelation made me realize the true significance of money . I understood from that impressive lesson that in to live comfortable life one has to be financially stable , and , consequently , that in to achieve that aim I must get a good education and work hard . I also understood that while money cannot buy friends , when without money and unable to even buy food to survive one will hardly find the needed kind of support even from great friends . Of… [banner_entry_footer]


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