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My Space To Breathe

I have several Indian friends in the Los Angeles area , with whom I have shared good times and bad . I have slept in their homes , and even been considered by their parents a genuine part of their families . Yet I disliked the fact that Indian families can often act only the basis of emotions . I blamed their emotionally charged natures on the Indian soap operas they watched day after day . I disliked those Indian shows even though I had watched only two of them in my entire life . Still [banner_entry_middle]

, I knew that it was best not to feel negative emotions in myself

The Indian dramas that my friends ‘ families loved to watch daily were just slow motion pictures in my opinion . Each moment of each drama focused on lethargic and unreal adventures in emotions . Nothing went very far . Crying getting offensive about everything under the bright blue sky and blaming one another were the themes of these shows . I disliked them with all my heart . And , whenever it was time for my friends ‘ families to watch those Indian shows , I found myself leaving their homes . I was even uncomfortable leaving in those moments , given that my own negative emotions were obnoxious enough to seem to strangle me because I did not understand them at all

In to understand these emotions , despite the fact that I loved my Indian families ‘ I made an effort to watch Kyunke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee (2006 ) with my friends another time . While watching the show this time , I was observant of my own reactions and feelings . At the same time , I observed the others in the TV lounge watching the show with me . Two of the aunts of my friend , Vijay , sobbed during the show . I tried to suppress my own strange emotions at this point . As luck would have it


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Vijay , his mom , and his dad started to laugh during the show soon after I had witnessed his sobbing aunts ! I relaxed there and then , and from that point on , the show was a breeze

Even though Kyunke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee ‘ lasts only thirty minutes each time , five days a week , I disliked it the first two times I watched it . I had witnessed real sad emotional dramas in my Indian friends ‘ homes before I had watched the show , which was perhaps the main reason why I detested the emotion packed drama on television . I believed that it was the TV drama that had taught my Indian friends to overreact to issues . I also believed that this drama was a bad influence on me ! Obviously , I was being oversensitive at the same time as I blamed the drama for teaching oversensitivity to its viewers Besides , I was not thinking that it is the individual himself with the prerogative to allow conditioning of any sort . Nobody can force us to be influenced by anything

Now I have stopped detesting the… [banner_entry_footer]


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