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1 . Introduction

This seeks to analyze and discuss how to resolve a conflict negotiation between a hospital and the union . The employees are trying to get what they considered a fair contract versus the hospital who thinks the employees are already fairly compensated and also the fact that the hospital is going through budgetary constraints The parties involved are the hospital and their team which includes the CEO (Chief Executive Office , CFO (Chief Finance Officer ) and the company lawyers . The union representing the employees and their team consisted of [banner_entry_middle]

union delegates and their leader . The negotiation strategy to use is the interest based strategy or win-win strategy . It is a collaborative process and therefore we are hoping the parties actually end up helping each other . The union wants a 3 increase every year for the duration of the contract . The hospital wants concessions in some areas and 2 increase for the duration of the contract

2 . Analysis and Discussion

2 .1 Do they have to go into negotiation The need whether they will go to negotiation is determined by their best alternative to a negotiated agreement (BATNA . If there is no how we will know if there is need to negotiate . It they will not for example conclude a new agreement , what will happen to their relationship ? Will the union continue to enjoy salaries and other benefits that they presently enjoy ? Does it matter to them if there is new concluded agreement ? Based on the case facts , it would not logical to assume that union will go into negotiation since case fact implies that the management is actually willing to give 2 increase , only that the union could not take . Hence we must assume that if the union will not accept the 2 , the negotiators of said union can invoke their right to go on strike and going on strike will force the employer to stop operation because no employees will simply be not working during strike The next question is : Could the union indefinitely do this ? Will it be advantageous to them ? The answer to this question must be balanced with the realism . Going on strike could cause temporary disruption of operation and if the employer would not be able to resolve it , all the employees could possibly losing employment and these may not be the thing that the employees are ready to face , to lose employment It is therefore a balancing act on the part of the union representative and the union leaders to really make a decision whether to go to negotiation or not and since they are representing the interest of the employees they must really consult their constituents and present the alternatives but they could only bargain if they believe it would be unfair if not given to them . To determine their fairness of the of the of their claim they must have a basis and so with the with offer of management . As to how they will determine they must need a… [banner_entry_footer]


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