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Native Americans

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br Native Americans

Native Americans The Sioux Tribes have suffered , historically , the same types of prejudices and injustices as Native American groups as a whole however certain historical events , such as the Sioux Uprising and the Massacre at Wounded Knee , as well as more recent events such as the Sioux occupation of Alcatraz Island serve to illustrate the degree to which Native Americans have been discriminated against and abysmally treated by white Americans for centuries

Racial discrimination against the Sioux tribes is endemic to American history , just as it extends to [banner_entry_middle]

pre-colonial America during the era of the Spanish Conquest , when the wholesale butchering and oppression of Native Americans began . ’93The insufferable smugness and complacency of the white man finds its ultimate expression in the words of Charles A . Bryant , [ .] since the Indian did not obey the divine injunction to subdue the earth , he was “in the wrongful possession of a continent required by the superior right of the white man (Meyer 116

The crisis of social and racial injustice against Native Americans and with them , the Sioux Tribes has persisted on into the present day As recently as the 1990 ‘s , Native American Tribes protested the exploitative use of Native images and names for commercial products and sports teams . In the 1980 ‘s , Native Americans protested the excessive fishing and lumber-harvesting of Native lands , often on sacred grounds

However , these seemingly innocuous activities are a poor indication of the historical discrimination and brutality with which the Sioux Tribes have been historically faced . Avenues of discrimination extend (but are not limited to : Legal Discrimination , Economic Discrimination Educational Discrimination , Criminal Justice Discrimination , and Medical Discrimination . By denying Sioux tribes of equal access to these important social institutions and services , the racial discrimination against native People strikes out against them at every Native Americans

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meaningful social level , creating a wasteland of social opportunity that , in turn , reinforces the basis of discrimination and prejudices held against Sioux and other Native peoples in the first place

Examples of legal discrimination include treaties and laws , meant to deceive of deny Native Americans their rights rather than preserve them ’93Between 1785 and 1866 , over 400 treaties were made with the Indians , and it is fairly well-known that every one of them were broken ’94 (Dakota Blues

Typically , a treaty would be made with the Sioux to grant them land-rights which were then overturned by another act of government or the treaties simply were not enforced by the American government . Other instances of institutionalized legal discrimination include : ’93The Major Crimes Act (1885 . This extended U .S . law enforcement jurisdiction into Indian territories , effectively breaking all treaties that guaranteed they could have responsibility for law enforcement themselves ’94 as well as the ’93The Indian Citizenship Act (1924 This conferred U .S . citizenship on all Indians who wanted it and would renounce their claims to tribal identity ’94 and the ’93Relocation Act (1956 . This qualified Indians for job training if they… [banner_entry_footer]


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