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National Organization on Disabilty (Website:

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Review of HYPERLINK “http /www .nod .org ” www .nod .org

HYPERLINK “http /www .nod .org ” www .nod .org is a professionally designed , well written website dedicated to The National Organization on Disability (NOD , founded in 1982 . It ‘s impossible to locate a flaw ! It is the ideal website , an example for others to follow . It owns all the necessary parameters that make a website popular , interesting and informative

Firstly , the home page is an all-encompassing plethora of disability related news , information and resources . The first thing one notices are words [banner_entry_middle]

that – Welcome to the NOD website . These five words are enough for a visitor to take greater interest in what he feels has been put up for him . The graphics and color scheme are just right to set a professional environment , while inspiring and motivating the visitor to learn and participate in whatever way possible . The look and feel of the website is consistent throughout

The tag line clearly states the objective of the website which is to make count the ability , and not the disability of the handicapped . To that very purpose , the home page tells all ! All relevant information is provided in an organized manner . Neatly stacked on the left side of the home page is a list of categories devoted to the active community involvement of the disabled , in the social , religious , economic and political perspective . In addition , there are employment housing , transportation , educational and healthcare prospects for the disabled . All these options are very easy to access . The pages are well linked to the home page , as well as other pages of the website , making for easy navigation . The Quick links ‘ on the left hand side are also easy to get to and logical , leading visitors to the information they seek . The site map and a provision of ‘Search ‘ further facilitates quick searching

There is quite some content at HYPERLINK “http /www .nod .org www .nod .org , aimed to educate , inform and inspire ! It is written expertly in a clear , concise , straightforward and easy to understand manner . The headlines are apt , pithily informing the reader of what is in store for him . The only drawback that may be pointed out is , too much information on one single page , which is not easy to scan and may tire out the reader

Furthermore , of the pages on the website have been cluttered with lots of pictures . There is no overt attempt to make the website attractive just for the sake of it . Also the absence of advertisement banners indicates that the main purpose of HYPERLINK “http /www .nod ,org ” www .nod ,org is not to make money , but to spread awareness about disability and to get more and more Americans to participate and support the less fortunate . The e-newsletter ‘ and Disability News ‘ add to the seriousness of purpose

What further makes the website powerful is its high accessibility standards , which are not only related in detail in the website itself , but can be witnessed by visiting… [banner_entry_footer]


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