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Nathaniel Hawthorne, `Young Goodman Brown`

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Nathaniel Hawthorne , `Young Goodman Brown`




Beginning of Journey

Loss of Faith

Good and Evil Side

Role of Religion and Faith

Religion and Moral Sense

Religion and Virtue


Nathaniel Hawthorne `Young Goodman Brown

The short story `Young Goodman Brown` depicts a conflict between good and evil , Faith and wickedness of a man . Using the character of Goodman Brown , Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays that personal beliefs and values have a great impact on our life and destiny . Very often , people are driven by [banner_entry_middle]

personal gain forgetting about God , morality and religion Thesis For Goodman Brown , the journey and meeting with the Devil is a trial which helps him to find the truth and mature

Nathaniel Hawthorne portrays that Goodman Brown leaves his home and family , which symbolizes goodness and virtue , in to join the Devil . When his evil side starts to dominate , Goodman acts in its own interests forgetting about dignity and God . Goodman mixes the good and the evil side of his personality which results in false values and traditions . Hawthorne ‘s satires dwell on the darker side of human nature , including his love of jokes and riddles shown by the Devil . At the beginning of his `journey , Goodman Brown exclaims : My Faith is gone ” cried he , after one stupefied moment “There is no good on earth and sin is but a name . Come , devil ! for to thee is this world given (Hawthorne , n .d . Loss of faith has a direct impact on behavior and values of people and resulted in moral degradation and disillusionment Hawthorne criticizes the immoral life of this new world and its norms Using satire and sarcasm , Hawthorne shows the human necessity for survival , and the lengths at which a person will go to save his life (Benoit , 1993 . Hawthorne has been censured on two grounds : first , the minor but undoubted one that his disgust at some aspects of human existence derived from his own imperfection , and second , the much more controversial one that his vision is in the end negative and destructive . Every person has a double nature , but a negative side should be controlled and diminished . Meeting with the Devil symbolizes a trial for Goodman Brown and a new stage in his moral development . A stern , a sad , a darkly meditative , a distrustful , if not a desperate man , did he become , from the night of that fearful dream (Hawthorne n .d

Hawthorne portrays the journey of the main hero through religion and Faith which played a dominant role in New England . It is certainly true that Hawthorne ‘s moral sense reinforces the deist abandonment of revealed religion , since , it is a thing that enables each individual to know moral truths immediately . Hawthorne has imaginatively recreated for the reader that Calvinist sense of sin , that theory which did in actuality shape the early social and spiritual history of New England (Leavis 45 , cited Donoghue 2003 , 215 . Hawthorne ‘s particular target however , is the equation of virtue with religion , which leaves no space… [banner_entry_footer]


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