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My plan for Dealing with Diversity Issues in the classroom

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My plan for Dealing with Diversity Issues in the classroom

Children at a young age are excited to be in school to learn and to be with their peers , they also have to

adapt to the different diverse cultures surrounding them in and outside the classroom . A culturally diverse

classroom will allow my students to feel comfortable with their surroundings . In my class , we will celebrate

different types of cultures , whether it be the Chinese New Year , Black History month , or Hispanic heritage

week . However , learning different cultures will be part [banner_entry_middle]

of my teaching curriculum all year long , rather than only

teaching it for a one week session . For the classroom , culturally diverse posters and books will fill the room to

show my students that every culture will be viewed equally . Because I feel that that each individual ethnic

background is worth sharing , my students will get the opportunity to show and teach us about their culture

Showing equality in the classroom will provide a place for students to feel important and a part of something

Many times , however , students with different cultural backgrounds feel that the learning and success rate is not

as equal as it is for the majority of the students

Teachers need to be aware that minority students might have different learning styles than students from

a predominant culture . Furthermore , these differences may stem from cultural practices . For example , Hispanic

students may learn best by using a different language , a language which they are more familiar . However , Asian

students may learn best when left alone so they can concentrate more on school rather than the environment

surrounding them . Therefore , I wish to find certain learning styles they know best and involve them through

different teachings in the classroom . I ‘m hoping my classroom will be an enjoyable place for all my students to

be . I will show them the different ways in learning and will teach them to use the learning style they know best

Now a days , there is greater diversity in the classroom than ever Teachers need to take on and learn

different ways of teaching the relevant material . A student ‘s life experience , cultural , and ethnic background

plays a very significant part in the helping to create an integrated diversity in the curriculum that is being taught

By incorporating diversity into a the curriculum of a class , it takes in account the experiences of students and

helps make a realistic and believable perspective of the diverse culure in the real society and the world in

general .Learning skills about diversity is highly crucial because it helps students by raising awareness of the vast

cultural diverse population . This also helps in the input of the teaching and learning process . There are

numerous amounts of ways to define the word “diversity . The dictionary and book meaning of the word is “a

state of unlikeliness ” or even “the condition of being different Diversity can also mean how different people

are .Skills relating to diversity are essential… [banner_entry_footer]


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