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Louis Bujold once said that the dead cannot cry out for justice it is a duty of the living to do so for them (Tripod . This statement reemphasizes the fact that morality and justice are larger than life values which ought to be preserved even when the individuals involved cease to exist . When a dead person is falsely accused or denied justice due to legal difficulties , justice too perishes . Hence , any self-respecting individual is obliged to take on the law and fight on the dead person ‘s behalf to restore justice among mankind [banner_entry_middle]

p Even though our justice system is basically constructed to nurture and sustain morality , everyday occurrences often do remind us that moral justice and legal justice are not always essentially the same . The justice system only takes into account the actions that constitute an offense and turns a blind eye to events that trigger such offenses . The law holds individuals accountable for actions that are illegal , but does not hold people responsible for being immoral . Hence , the essence of Bujold ‘s statement actually signifies that decent citizens have to stand up and fight when justice is under threat

The book `a view from the bridge ‘ by Arthur Miller is an intriguing story that has a strong political tone and raises philosophical questions in the readers mind . The story is set in the 1950s Brooklyn and told from the perspective of an Italian-American layer named Alfieri (Wikipedia , 2006 . During this time , the Brooklyn Bridge was not only a pathway to Manhattan , but also proverbial route to living the American Dream

Eddie Carbone , the protagonist in the story , is of Italian origin and works as a longshoreman in a dock . He lives with is wife , Beatrice and niece , Catherine . Eddie ‘s relationship with his wife is not anything special and their marriage could be considered mediocre at best Catharine is typical girl who is the transition phase of becoming a woman . She wears high heels , plans to take up a stenographer job and frequently flirts with men . At first , Eddie appears to be genuinely concerned about Catherine ‘s behavior and tries to exercise patriarchal control over her life

The story unfolds when Beatrice ‘s cousins Marco and Rodolpho illegally immigrate to America from Italy to earn a living . Both of them take up jobs in the dock Marco just wants to money to help his family , but Rodolpho has more artistic pursuits and wants to become famous . He also becomes close with Catherine and this perturbs Eddie who claims that Rodolpho to be homo-sexual . Beatrice , on the other hand , encourages Catherine to marry Rodolpho (Universal Teacher . Eddie , however , claims that Rodolpho was just pretending to love Catherine to gain a US citizenship . He clearly loses control and tries to enforce his power by first kissing Rodolpho to prove that he is a homosexual , and then kisses Catherine to prove his masculinity . It is during this point that Eddie ‘s suppressed lust of Catherine becomes apparent . Beatrice feels that this Eddie… [banner_entry_footer]


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