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Music : How , Why And To What Extent Do Either Particular Technologies or Techniques Of Composition , Or Those Of Distribution , Contribute To Musical Change And The Way We Listen To It

Music is pure in its natural form and that is the reason , which has kept it alive in our lives until now . From the very first day , human has found himself fond of listening to the music , let it be a note played from the flute , or chords of an acoustic [banner_entry_middle]

guitar . However , the only thing that has changed is the way , it is being played and the way it is listened in the present days

In this , we will try to explain and understand the role of technologies , equipments , and its importance in the contribution towards a musical change in our lives . We will also try to clarify the way it has changed the perception of present man regarding music in his mind

The way music is played is not its present form . However , all the credit goes to the technology in the creation of music , all the credit goes to the technology . The reason is that the existence of the today ‘s all the credit goes to the technology all the credit goes to the technology of different tools and equipments , which are used for the composition and playing of the music these days

In to elucidate the abovementioned statement and to support the importance of technology and its impact in the music world , it should be closely scrutinized with the help of different facts that are available for the research

We can observe that nowadays , stereo systems , tapes , decks , CD players MP3 players , and a wide variety of products have been launched and consumed by the music lovers around the world . Therefore , it is obvious that no one can listen to the music without the help of these different modes of technology

In the past days , music was meant to be something that was played and listened for the purpose of relaxing oneself and was listened while relaxing on a couch or during a performance . However , the technology has changed the whole concept of playing and listening to the music Nowadays , people are found listening to their favorite song while traveling by a bus , or during their flight from one place to another

Businesspersons listen to the music at the same time as they do their work in their offices . These days , one does not have to keep his cassette player with himself , or do not have to walk with a dozens of CDs with himself . Similarly , now people just have to click a button to listen to their songs rather than finding their desirable songs in different cassettes

From the abovementioned changes that have happened from the past decades , it is obvious that as technology has changed the creation composition , and distribution of the music , it has also modified the experience that a person enjoys… [banner_entry_footer]


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