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Multi-naationals have the problem of building strong corporate cultures from operations which are scattered around the world. Critically consider the challenges they face and how they may address them.

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We are now living in a new world economic . This means that we are in a world and time of free economic enterprise . The walls that divide nations in terms of economic operations have slowly been erased and bridges have been created in a way we make business . Regionalization of economic relations has slowly been eradicated . Corporations are slowly building a one-world with one-market policy . This situation entails an open door economic policy which manifests free enterprise . The world becomes one market for everybody . Every business [banner_entry_middle]

has the opportunity to sell their products so long as they have something to sell

With the emergence of open economic enterprise , corporations nowadays operate around the world . This is the evident trend of today ‘s business Most corporations have different branches and offices in different places around the world . Corporations want to conquer the world to expand their domain of business and profit . No business today that does not desire global expansion

Many corporations invest in third world countries for the purpose of lowering their expenditure and increasing their profit . This is due to the fact that third world countries offer low labor cost as compared to industrialized countries . With low labor cost , corporations can increase their profit . Corporations also invest in third world countries to expand their market on the goods and services they offer . Third world countries offer a dense population that gives a great opportunity for business to sell products because the market is huge

The growing number of population entails the demand of goods and services from corporations and thus must be addressed . This is one of the reasons why corporations engage themselves in doing business across the globe . In this , we will try to look at the different obstacles in building a strong corporate culture . We will try to analyze such obstacles and try to come up with the answer on how to deal with those challenges that will hopefully give birth to a strong corporate culture


It is of truth that when corporations engage business in different parts of the world they hire people from the part of the world that they engage business and transact business with . The major obstacle that corporations face in doing business overseas is how to manage the diversity of people ‘s cultures . Diversity is manifested in the following instances . First , diversity in some organizations is deeply rooted to culture that practices become more of a tradition that cannot be easily erased . Second is the strong conception of people that one culture or race is dominant than the other

Some differences are deeply rooted to culture that it is hard to eradicate . This problem is evident in the European countries and Japan conduct business . Japan is known for its deep commitment to cultural practices . People are more likely to make organizations adapt their culture rather than them adapting to organizations . The problem of differences had proven to be big

In an organization that… [banner_entry_footer]


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