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Movie Essay – Finding Forrester(2000)

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Jamal Wallace and William Forrester have more in common than a passion and talent for writing . The two main characters in Finding Forrester are complex : strong and vulnerable , compassionate and sometimes spiteful . The old man and young boy are both isolated from the worlds around them , and while Forrester creates one of his own , Jamal still struggles to understand his . Unlikely friends from the opposite end of every spectrum , the bond Jamal and Forrester managed to form comes in the face of their greatest problem — alienation but their shared talent and [banner_entry_middle]

wisdom allow them to overcome it together and become their true selves

Jamal is in transition , not only from boyhood to manhood , but also from the city to the cloistered environment of private school . Although Jamal is intellectually gifted , he received mediocre grades before tests revealed the true nature of his intelligence . Combined with his extraordinary skills as a basketball player , he is given a scholarship to the elite prep school . The culture shock that Jamal experiences is significant , as he finds himself alienated from his old friends , his family , and the culture from which he came . Though his background is modest , his mother , brother , and friends appreciate his talents and support his efforts . He also manages to find a few decent friends in the new school , like Clair and John , but he never manages to feel connected to his new world , especially when he faces suspicion from Crawford and jealousy from other classmates . Jamal is torn between two worlds , and the opportunities of the prep school seem secondary to Jamal when contrasted with the shallowness of it . Jamal , for all intents and purposes , is alienated from most aspects of his own life

William Forrester is completely cocooned in his own world . Surrounded by books and manuscripts , he views the outside world from his window . A man of great genius , his Pulitzer-prize winning book made him a living legend and his reclusion made him a myth . Forrester ‘s memories and repulsion to fame alienate him from the rest of society , forcing him to reject all that he sees as inconsequential and unjust , which is just about everyone and everything . The way Forrester deals with this alienation is through retreating into his own world of words

The chance meeting of Jamal and Forrester allow the two to obliterate their alienation . Connected through writing and a shared sensibility they slowly teach each other about their own worlds , and both are equally interested . Forrester still retains the safety of his own environment , like forbidding Jamal to talk about what they do or take any writing out of the apartment , but the very act of inviting Jamal into his world is a large step towards reconnecting with the outside world . Jamal is the outside world to Forrester , and he learned that it was not as horrible as he came to believe . To Jamal , more than the elite school he attends , going into the world of the author is a glimpse into the… [banner_entry_footer]


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