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`Motorcycle ride on the Sea of Tranquility` by Patricia Santana

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The first rumblings in our house were not caused by the San Andreas Fault , but by Carolina ‘s request for permission to invite Tom over to the house to meet our parents . The parents refused her request , stirring the pot of conflict within the household

The Mexican family is strong-willed with their demonstrative love and dedication to following family tradition . Then , Carolina speaks out I ‘m going to do it the American way . No secret notes , no meeting at the corner . These are modern times , Mama , and I am a modern woman [banner_entry_middle]

of the sixties . This statement left her mother speechless , causing more internal conflict . Chuy ‘s emotional scarring has left the family feeling lost , too . You sound like a drill sergeant , Carolina ‘ Ana Maria said , now giggling . Did you go to boot camp with Chuy or something ‘ One mention of Chuy and nobody said another word

Concern also creates conflict , as can be seen in Yoli as she is riding with Chuy on his motorcycle . And I sat behind him , trembling , and thinking that the end of the world must be near , and knowingly that for me it was just beginning

When Yoli ‘s parents and her siblings realized that Yoli had gone out for a ride with Chuy , a brother sinking out of control , author Santana wrote : When I entered , they immediately stopped talking . They looked at me as if my death sentence had just been pronounced

Patricia Santana weaves sexual encounters into the story which are intensified by adding conflict from a third-party bystander . It can be akin with jealousy . I thought of just jumping out from behind the curtain , revealing myself . But I couldn ‘t move . It was as if my whole body had turned traitor on me , was being a sneaky thing detached from my… [banner_entry_footer]


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