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moral values

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My deepest moral values tell me that I need to focus my life on being a good person . This includes not hurting other people , through violence or mean-spirited behavior . I believe that my body is a temple and I should treat it accordingly by taking care of it through nutrition , exercise , and not being promiscuous . I know that it is important to be honest , though not brutally honest . There are times where it is more important to spare a person ‘s feelings than to tell them the truth about something that doesn ‘t [banner_entry_middle]

matter in the long run . I was taught these values by my parents and through my religious upbringing , but through my teenage years , I made these values my own

I believe that most people agree that hurting other people is wrong and that one should not be too sexually free with themselves . Many people will say that it is wrong to gossip , but these are usually the same people who are either spreading it or listening to it . Society as a whole also ignores this guideline this is made obvious by the fact that the television news contains many items of celebrity gossip rather than important news stories . Unfortunately , too many people fall back on mean behavior when they are afraid to stand up for what they believe in . Many of my peers grew up with the same values about sex , but most of them don ‘t live up to the standards they claim to have set for themselves . I have noticed that few people are willing to take a non-violent approach to conflict , nor are they able to resist the lure of gossip or other hurtful behavior

My values have changed a bit over time . When I was younger , I didn ‘t understand how wrong it was to gossip and to make fun of other people just because everyone else was doing it . As I am only 21 years old , the rest of my values haven ‘t been tested just yet . I believe that the next ten years will determine the kind of person I am… [banner_entry_footer]


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