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Montgomery Bus Boycott

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Montgomery Bus Boycott Montgomery Bus Boycott Montgomery Bus Boycott

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a socio-political protest against the policy of racial segregation and discrimination campaign in the public transport service of Montgomery city , Alabama in 1955 . It lasted for one whole year starting at December 5 , 1955 and ending at Decenmer21 , 1956 The sentiments of the Afro-American community were cooled down by a United States Supreme decision that declared segregation in public transport as unconstitutional The main cause of the protest and boycott of transport system was racial [banner_entry_middle]

br discrimination . This segregation was a source of bitterness and pathos for the Afro-Americans community for a long period of time . The city bus service was making a mockery of Afro-American as they were harassed by white drivers . They had top pay the fare at the front door whereas they had to reboard from the rear-door . They used to sit behind a barrier that segregated the white community from the black one . This barrier was always moved toward the rear end to accommodate more white customers . On the bus , blacks sat behind a mobile barrier dividing the races , and as the bus filled , the barrier was pushed back to make room for white passengers This stated resentments of the black residents of Montgomery city got an impetus in the arrest of Rosa Parks . She was taken into custody on December 1 , 1955 on the charges that she refused vacate her seat to a white passenger . She was penalized 10 in addition to 4 court charges This decision flamed the feelings of the Afro-American community who had already planned to set a protest against this uncivilized practice So the same day , on December 05 , 1955 , almost forty two thousands Black residents of the city started the boycott of city bus transport in to protest racial segregation and racially discriminatory law of Alabama state . Rosa Parks was also an enthusiastic adherent of the protest campaign . The first occurrence of protest was a one day boycott by a local women ‘s rights organization , Women ‘s Political Council to show solidarity with Rosa Parks . The council ‘s president JoAnn published and distributed 52 ,000 fliers that prompted Montgomery`s Afro-American community to stay off public buses on the day of the Rosa Park ‘s trial National Association for the Advancement of Colored People ‘s (NAACP local section , that was hankering after an issue to involve the court into a legal and constitutional debate over the issue of racial segregation took advantage of the situation , started preparing for the legal challenge . After the conviction of Rosa Parks , the local black leaders congregated to arrange a mass protest and an extension of the bus boycott . They further established Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA ) to forward the interest of the Afro-American community at the national level and elected Luther King Jr . as its president This protest continued for 381 days during which Black community used other mean of conveyance like taxis , carpooling , and walking through miles . Their efforts and… [banner_entry_footer]


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