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Momma Mia

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Mamma Mia ! the Musical : History and Music

Mamma Mia ! is hit Broadway musical that celebrates the music of ABBA , a 1970 ‘s Swedish pop group . It includes over 20 original ABBA songs , the most famous of which is Mamma Mia , which lends itself to the title of the musical . The musical is based on a book written by British author Catherine Johnson , and the music was primarily written by Benny Andersson and Bjtzrn Ulvaeus of ABBA

ABBA began in the 1970 ‘s in Sweden , and became famous when the group won the [banner_entry_middle]

1974 Eurovision song writing contest . It consisted of four members Benny Andersson , Bjtzrn Ulvaeus , Ani-Frid Lyngstad , and Agnetha Faltskog . It is from their first names that the group ‘s name came They wrote songs that became extremely popular world-wide , including Dancing Queen (which was number one on charts across the world including the US . It was only song to become number one in the US Waterloo (the song that won the Eurovision contest , and of course Mamma Mia . All of these popular songs , and more , are included in the show that became Mamma Mia (Mamma Mia official site

Catherine Johnson ‘s book tells a story about a daughter (Sophie ) who is about to get married , but she doesn ‘t know who her own father is . She is living on a Greek island paradise , and invites the three potential candidates to the island to see her – the first time they ‘ve all set foot on the island in 20 years (Harry , Bill , and Sam . She tries to figure out which one of these men is her father while hiding this from her mother , Donna , who won ‘t talk about her past . Her goal is to have her real father walk her down the aisle . Ultimately , her mother walks her down the aisle because everyone realizes that they don ‘t know who her real father is , but that it doesn ‘t matter – they will all be a part of her life . She also realizes she doesn ‘t actually want to get married , so her mother ends up marrying one of the three men (Sam instead , and Sophie and her fiancy go off to travel the world (Wikipedia

The musical is interspersed with songs like Does Your Mother Know Super-Trouper , Lay All Your Love on Me , and more . Many of the songs are not used in their original context , but are used in key parts of the musical . For example , the original lyrics in Does Your Mother Know are sung by a man who is asking his underage date if her mother know she ‘s seeing him . In the musical , it is sung by women and used to ask Sophie if her mother knows she ‘s invited these men to the island (Wikipedia

The original idea for the musical was conceived in 1989 by Judy Craymer and was to use popular ABBA songs in the new context of a musical Bjtzrn and Benny had attempted to write their own musical in… [banner_entry_footer]


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