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Module 1: unit 3

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: Module 1 : unit 3

p : language Identify five Calgary organizations that support healthy living programming ? How could those organizations have an impact on school age program ? I want you to answer the questions , I don ‘t need history background or an essay , just answer the questions . The organizations could be YMCA , BOYS and Girls shout , any leisure organization related to Calgary , make sure you name five

Some of the Calgary Organizations that support a healthy living and lifestyle include the Alex Community Health Centre , Cochrane Canada Family and Community Support [banner_entry_middle]

Services , the Calgary Foundation , Volunteer Calgary , Young Men ‘s Christian Association (YMCA ) Calgary , and

Several of these non-governmental organizations (NGO ‘s ) can come forward together and have a great impact on the health of the school children of Calgary . They could form a network that promotes health and well-being of school children , bring about growth and development , and encourage learning through school-based programs . Each of these organizations could concentrate on individual issues that could be involving the school children . The school authorities should organize periodic meetings to ensure that the programs initiated are going on the right track , problems are solved appropriately through discussion , and future plans are initiated

Many of these organizations are planning a comprehensive health program for the school children that would function in coordination with education and mental development . This would ensure complete mental physical and social development of the child at the school (like a holistic approach

YMCA Calgary is providing healthcare to school children during school hours and also after school , in partnership with the school management Besides , school children can utilize their play settings in various parts of the Calgary , and can improve their language skills for those whose first language is not English . The other activities that are provided include letter writing , team building , field initiative , etc These activities and services would ensure comprehensive exposure of the child to a positive environment . The YMCA has applied a more holistic form of approach , which seems to be very effective

Such programs have ensured that rapid progress is made in the status of the child following institution of health programs . Many initiatives have been made by the voluntary organization in coordination with the school authorities and the Government . Several indicators (variables used to monitor the health status ) have been defined and studied often in school children that would suggest their health status . Through these variables , the heath status of school children can be improved Efforts are on to include sexual education and information of HIV /AIDS to school children . In this way , the transmission of HIV /AIDS has reduced to some extent in schools . The voluntary organizations also made an initiative at reducing drug abuse in schools through education . This has led to a significant drop in drug consumption in schools


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