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modified calendar issue

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Modified Calendar Issue


Modified vs . Traditional School Calendar

Modifying a traditional school calendar essentially means that students attend school throughout the entire year with several mini-breaks rather than an extended summer break . There are both pros and cons involved in modifying the traditional school calendar . This essay will address the pros and provide rationale for selecting one calendar over another

Traditional School Calendar

Growing up with a traditional school calendar , going to school from August until June and having the glorious three-month summer was something to look forward [banner_entry_middle]

to as a child . According to Hsu ‘s article in the San Bernardino Sun , Parents said a shorter summer would limit teens ‘ chances to work and do internships , and that families would have to cancel planned vacations (2007 . Community involvement is essential for a child to nurture ownership of the community and feel a sense of belonging . The extended summer calendar worked in the past traditionally , and it would seemingly work now , except that things have changed over the years and a modified school calendar meets some needs of a changing world . Things that were not evident in the past have become apparent and a modified school calendar creates opportunity to address some of those needs whereas a traditional calendar does not

Modified School Calendar

Many parents struggle with an age-old problem of coordinating breaks and vacations with their children . Many times children have longer breaks from school than the parents do from work . Shorter breaks are more reasonable and true to life in the business world , preparing children for a coming future . Harold Vollkommer , an assistant superintendent said , Longer spring and winter recesses would provide time for students who were behind in school to take short , intensive remedial courses (2007 . This type of opportunity also helps by preparing students for greater responsibilities . Additionally , children learn how to manage their time . Working in internships and volunteering for the community becomes a year-round thing rather than just a summer thing


Having experienced both calendars , I am in favor of the modified calendar . Traditions are nice and should never be forgotten but , as time changes and new advancements are discovered and made , so must we be willing to modify a traditional way of doing things to accommodate our growth and potential


Hsu , C (2007 . Board rejects proposed school calendar changes Retrieved January 24 , 2007 from , http /www .sbsun .com /news /ci_4997736



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