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Mistaken Behavior

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The issue of discipline and children has undergone many transformations over the past 50

years and continues to be a of debate among parents and professionals . The authoritative

parent figure that led up to the 1960s was criticized as a sometimes abusive , often esteem

crushing method , that led children to needing psychotherapy to deal with the end results . During

that period , parents weren ‘t necessarily concerned with the effect that discipline [banner_entry_middle]

or punishment

had on their children , because it was what they were taught , and much as they had been raised

they didn ‘t question it . Once this method was questioned , the result appeared to be a

complete abandonment of discipline and punishment , or what is often described as permissive

parenting . Permissive parenting is now criticized with what has led to the raising of an entire

generation of individuals that lack respect for authority and self control

Each of these parental approaches represent the extreme in deciding to discipline or not

and their end result would suggest that there is an approach somewhere in the middle . Parents

and professionals agree that discipline is appropriate and necessary The debate usually occurs

surrounding when discipline should begin and how it should be implemented and enforced

Further debate surrounds the reasons that a child acts out or misbehaves , and the choice to

respond to that with punishment and /or discipline . Young children may misbehave for a variety

of reasons , many of which have nothing to do with their respect for a parent or authority figure

It is only a matter of hours following their birth that children begin to respond to the loving touch

of a parent . A crying infant will snuggle into the neck of their mother when soothed . Children

are loving . As they grow , their needs change in to meet the demands of the outside world

and sometimes the result is behavior that is less than perfect . This doesn ‘t make them bad

children , but rather children that have a need that is not being met . A young mother soon learns

that her child cries because they are either tired , hungry , or need attention . A child that is

emotionally overwhelmed cries because they need soothing . In resolving the discipline issue , a

parent must determine the motivation or cause of their child ‘s misbehavior prior to implementing

any form of discipline

According to Dr . James Dobson , it ‘s best to start disciplining your children when they ‘re

young , approximately 14 months of age . Dobson believes that children are more pliable until

they ‘re around 4 years old . Past the age of 4 , parents need to work harder to instill discipline

Dobson believes that it is unproductive to reason with the child Rather , a child needs discipline

Dobson has been criticized for his strict parental guidelines by some and praised by many who

believe he is trying to return our society to a more civil era . Dobson argues… [banner_entry_footer]


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