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Mining Engineer

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Mining Engineer

2007 Mining Engineer

1 . Introduction

Concerning the development of field of study , this will elaborate several issues regarding the mining engineer . They include the background of mining engineering , the requirements needed to be mining engineer , earnings for mining engineer professional and many others

2 . Education /Training

Mining engineering like other engineering degree requires the mastery of several subjects such as mathematics including trigonometry , geometry calculus , and algebra general science (physics , chemistry , and biology , and also social and humanities studies , information technology , and some courses in English [banner_entry_middle]

since jobs in mining usually involve many people from different cultural background and languages (Daub , 2006

The course to obtain bachelor degree in mining engineering usually takes about 4-5 years . While the first two years , students learn about mathematics and genera science , the specialization of mining engineering occurs in the last two years in which students learn about geology , mine management , physical mineralogy and petrology , and explosive engineering . Some universities that provide mining engineering include University of Arizona , University of Utah , and West Virginia University in the U .S (Daub , 2006 ) and University of Exeter and in the U .K . in the University of Exeter (2007 , the undergraduate students will have extensive course in mathematic and physics in to arm the students with problem solving capability

3 . Job Skills , Talents , and Experience

Mining engineering not only requires technical expertise but also physical fitness since jobs in mining engineering involves hiking working in variety of condition such as daylight , rainy , windy etc (Daub , 2006

Particular jobs in mining engineering involves open-pit or underground mines , construction supervisory , safety issues , equipments operations and maintenance , information processing , to name a few (Sloan Career Cornerstone Center , 2007 . Table 1 shows the comparison of several mining engineers in terms of required skills and talents in which each has different required capabilities

Table 1 Comparison of Skills and Talents between Mining Engineers

No . Type of Engineers Required Skills /Talents

1 Blasting Engineer Develop blasting schedule and technique to intensify long-term goals in production

2 Sr . Mining Engineer Capable of developing and applying economic models to geological information system

3 Mine Engineer Performing routine activities in the operation and maintenance of mining equipment and systems

4 Senior Project Geologist Capable of designing and operating drilling programs to examine exploration potential in a location Source (Sacrison Engineering , 2007 Kinross Gold Corporation , 2007


Salary or earning for mining engineering jobs varies based on experiences , skills , industry , and job types . However , general mining engineers typically earn about 46 ,000 annually at minimum . However , for engineer who works in coal exploration may earn at least 50 ,000 per annum (Daub , 2006

Meanwhile , according to 2005 salary survey that conducted by National Association of Colleges and Employers , typically , mining engineers may expect starting salary about 48 ,643 per annum . Table 2 shows salary distribution in 2004 (Daub , 2006

Table 2 Distribution of Mining Engineer Salary in 2004

Distribution of Engineers 10 25 50 75 90

Salary 39 ,700 50 ,500 64 ,690… [banner_entry_footer]


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