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Military/Embassy Bombings

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Military /Embassy Bombings

Military /Embassy Bombings


Taking advantage of the ability to travel back in time , if not in reality by the use of imagination and the presentation of facts from the past , August 7 , 1998 is a day of particular tragedy , horror and impact for the United States of America , especially those Americans who are involved in the diplomatic corps . On that day in 1998 , two American embassies in the East African nation of Kenya were bombed by Islamic militant groups (Barber , 1998 , having the net effect of killing [banner_entry_middle]

and maiming hundreds of Americans and Africans , throwing the international community into an uproar , and raising the question of overseas military operations , embassy attacks , and the responses to those attacks , which have varied in intensity and tactic since the Kenya bombings

This will take a look at American military response , actions , and posture overseas as a result of the embassy bombings that have already occurred , as well as the constant threat of additional attacks in the future . Research will also explore the root causes of the Kenya bombings , what took place in the aftermath of the bombings , and how all of this has led to international implications and set a course for the future of American military operations . In the final analysis , the thesis that will be presented herein is that the US military , in taking action overseas , has certainly been provoked , and is justified to a certain extent , but is also guilty of some offenses against other nations and has the responsibility to make sure that the actions taken do not cross the line and are done for the right reasons , and not for the advancement of unrelated agendas , unwarranted aggression , or the lust for power

Facts of the Kenya Bombings

While it would be more comfortable , and even more easily remedied if the Kenya embassy bombings of 1998 were the random acts of deranged individuals who simply wished to make a name for themselves by attacking the embassies of a superpower nation in a foreign land , the truth of the matter is more sinister and far-reaching . Investigation conducted after the bombings led back to the terrorist faction Al Qaeda and its leader Osama Bin Laden , who in subsequent years has been linked to terrorist acts against the US in Yemen , the bombing of the USS Cole , and the most infamous act of terrorism against America which brought terrorism to the domestic front on September 11 , 2001 (Kim , 2005

What horrific events like those that began with Kenya , reached a critical stage with 9 /11 , and continue to threaten the West in the present have painfully illustrated to those who follow international affairs , and those whose job it is to defend America from enemies at home and abroad , is that definite proactive and reactive military action on the part of the US on foreign soil to protect American interests is an absolute necessity in the modern world . In the interest of fully exploring the s set forth… [banner_entry_footer]


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