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Military members should not have to abide by the US drinking age requirements!

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Military members should not have to abide by the US drinking age requirement

Should military personnel be exempt from the U .S drinking age requirement ? Should we serve our teenaged soldiers intoxicating drinks as they cuddle the rifles issued to them by the government ? Most people say no because they believe that when the National Minimum Drinking Act took effect , setting the minimum drinking age at 21 , the federal law covered everybody , civilian as well as the military . Some individuals believe , however , that an exemption should be granted to the members of [banner_entry_middle]

br the military , given the nature of their duties , especially in the defense of the country . Basically , military members are given more extensive duties and responsibilities that result in higher levels of stress and should therefore not have to abide by the US drinking age requirement

As most people know , alcohol negatively affects adolescents . The opponents of the move to exempt the military from the minimum drinking age are afraid of the dangerous effects of alcohol on young people below twenty-one . White (2004 , in summing up the experiments of the effects of alcohol on the brains of rats , said that adolescents are more likely to have their memories impaired by alcohol than adults but are less affected by the sedative effects of alcohol

In other words , adolescents do not easily get drowsy from alcohol , so they tend to drink longer , consuming more . Because they are likely to lose their short-term memory more easily , they could reach that point during drinking sessions that they no longer know what they are doing Keller (1966 ) refers to this as a blackout . According to him , a person may appear to be functioning quite normally [during a blackout] even drive an automobile safely home from quite a distance , but not able to recall any of this ‘ For these reasons , all states in the country have raised the drinking age from age 18 to age 21

However , some debate exists as to whether or not this rule should apply to military personnel on military bases , especially those located outside the United States in countries whose drinking ages are different , usually lower , than the US ‘s laws . To allow military personnel to drink on bases at ages 18-20 , the US Department of Defense codified the federal law by issuing instruction 1015 .10 as follows

The minimum drinking age on a DoD installation located in a State (including the District of Columbia ) shall be consistent with the age

established by law of that State as the State minimum drinking

age .The minimum drinking age on a DoD installation located

outside the United States shall be 18 years of age (Powers , 2007

This law sends the clear message that soldiers between the ages of 18 and 20 should be able

to drink on bases located in places where the drinking ages is 18 While some military

officers ignore this rule based upon the valid theory that alcohol is unsafe , the camaraderie

social aspects and stresses of military life… [banner_entry_footer]


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