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Midwifery and Early childbirth Practices and Women in Cosmetic Sugery

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Running Head : Women in Cosmetic Surgery

Women in Cosmetic Surgery

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Institution Name Cosmetic surgery enacts a form of cultural signification where we can examine the literal and material reproduction of ideals of beauty . Where visualization technologies bring into focus isolated body parts and pieces , surgical procedures actually carve into the flesh to isolate parts to be manipulated and resculpted . In this way cosmetic surgery literally transforms the material body into a sign of culture . The discourse of cosmetic surgery offers provocative material for discussing the cultural construction [banner_entry_middle]

of the gendered body because women are often the intended and subjects of such discourse and men are often the agents performing the surgery . Cosmetic surgery is not simply a discursive site for the “construction of images of women ” but a material site at which the physical female body is surgically dissected stretched , carved , and reconstructed according to cultural and eminently ideological standards of physical appearance

Kathy Davis (2003 ) suggests that cosmetic surgery actually deploys three overlapping mechanisms of cultural control : inscription , surveillance and confession . According to Kathy Davis (2003 , the physician ‘s clinical eye functions like Foucault ‘s medical gaze it is a disciplinary gaze situated within apparatuses of power and knowledge that constructs the female figure as pathological , excessive , unruly and potentially threatening of the dominant . This gaze disciplines the unruly female body by first fragmenting it into isolated parts — face , hair , legs , breasts — and then redefining those parts as inherently flawed and pathological . When a woman internalizes a fragmented body image and accepts its “flawed ” identity , each part of the body then becomes a site for the “fixing ” of her physical abnormality

Twentieth century women believe that Cosmetic surgery fragments the body into a set of features that can be serially upgraded . The full importance of imposing the language of merchandising on the body is not that cash value is inherently degrading it seems right in granting the capacity of the high-intensity market to put a price tag on anything The point is that if genetic engineering is anything more than a fantasy , the decomposition of the body into features is preparing for that future . Far more consequential than upgrading the ageing features of the adult body may be pre-selecting features in the embryonic body and changing DNA structure in to do this

Ann Dally in Women Under the Knife : A History of Surgery ‘ describe that women are besieged by the media to deviate from healthy ambition from the productive world , and from energizing activity to the search for beauty . This pressure to be ornamental starts young and remains part of the culture of women in our society . It is intensified in a woman ‘s middle years , when she begins to lose the beauty of youth . Some women who have cosmetic surgery may be happy with their larger breasts or smaller noses , but it is unlikely that surgery creates happiness as the original unhappiness often had an emotional or social basis . Women who… [banner_entry_footer]


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