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Middle East

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A Brief Look at Middle East History

Upon the death of Mohammad , the followers of his faith would go on to conquer the empires of Sassanid and the Byzantine Empire . The result of this incredibly conquest was that what is the modern Middle East and North Africa fell under Islamic rule . Islam spreading throughout the region was a combination of benign expansion of an ideology and religious belief that appealed to the populace as well as forced conversion in certain areas where an indigenous nation was conquered by an Islamic invader p [banner_entry_middle]

In these empires , Islamic republic set up under Muslim sharia law were developed . These systems of government were primarily monarchies that were ruled by an Islamic epicenter . The name for such a system of government was called a caliphate . There is a misnomer that a caliphate by its nature , refers to the imperial expansion of Islamic rule , but in actually it does not . It has been referred to in this manner by extremists and fundamentalists , but not all Islamic monarchies prescribed to such beliefs . While many of these nations were centered on Islamic law , there was still a great deal of openness and acceptance of other religions (There was a decided lack of fanaticism in the Middle East during its early days so the radical Islamic cults that exist today were fairly limited in the early history of Islam

Of all the Islamic empires , the most famous and successful was the Ottoman Empire . This was establish in the 15th Century when the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople and established an Empire that survived for 500 years . The Ottoman Empire was a powerful empire that controlled virtually all of the Middle East and , oftentimes , had the potential to succeed in expansions of its bs . It would not be until the conclusion of World War One that the Ottoman Empire would fall , an incident that contributes to a great deal strife in the Middle East that continues to this day… [banner_entry_footer]


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