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Middle East and it`s enduring conflicts

April 3, 2016 | Author: | Posted in political science, social sciences

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Analytical Study of Middle East Crisis

Middle East crisis spawns from the Israel-Palestine conflict which is spread in the region for almost one century . It is in fact , not only an issue between these two parties rather it has involved the entire Islamic world on one side with Israel backed by USA on the other . It has kept the entire region of Middle East unstable for a long time . People are suffering and living in a desolate state . The conflict has given [banner_entry_middle]

br rise to the acts of desperate actions by the grieved parties resulting into the loss of numerous lives . A lot of efforts have been made by the world to bring a settlement to the issue . The peace initiatives in the form of Oslo Accord , Camp David Summit , Beirut Declaration , and Quartet Roadmap besides a number of UN Resolutions have brought some peace in the region but it keeps fluctuating due to lack of trust on both sides ( Quartet Roadmap ‘ pars . 1-3 . This aims at highlighting the root causes of the crisis in the region with emphasis on the prevailing environment which is fertile for enduring conflicts

In to understand the region and environment which incubates a series of unending conflicts , history needs to be scrutinized dispassionately . There is no doubt that it had been a long and grueling path for the Jewish population to get a piece of land they can call their own . The land demanded and pursued for this purpose had a special and strong attachment by the people already living there who were forced to evacuate . The issue is not very simple . The land under question is sacred to Christians , Muslims and Jews ( Mideast : Land of Conflict par . 1 . It involved several intricacies and multiple concerns . The role of religion has served as a fuel to this conflict (Abernethy , par . 1 It has therefore resulted into numerous conflicts between the Israel and the Arab world and is still a thorn in the bud

The history of Middle East conflict can be traced back to 1897 , when the First World Zionist Congress was convened in Basle , Switzerland . It was the first time , the Jews collectively demanded a separate homeland in Palestine . Sultan of Turkey , who then controlled the Palestine strongly rejected the proposal . He , however , offered some alternative places like Uganda , Australia and Latin America for the same purpose which were not accepted by the Jews ( Israel and Palestine ‘ pars 1-5

The First World War witnessed the British winning the support of the Arabs with a promise of their independence in fight against Turkey . The Britain later went into an agreement with the French , and after winning the war , no longer kept the promise with the Arabs . The entire region was thus divided into spheres of influence between France and Britain Meanwhile influential Jews continued to campaign for a homeland and succeeded with the Balfour Declaration (1917 ) which states that Britain would : . view with favor… [banner_entry_footer]


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