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MId-Atlantic biodiversity

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The Mid-Atlantic Biodiversity zone of the United States Of America refers to the Atlantic Seaboard between New England and the South .The region includes Delaware ,Maryland ,New Jersey NewYork ,Pennsylvania ,Virginia and West Virginia .This region is a heavy industry zone with a dense population .Rapid industrialization and growing population aided by technological advancements have given rise to enormous pressure on this ecosystem . There has been a continuous destruction of the biosphere in the form of pollution in air [banner_entry_middle]

, water and soil . Indiscriminate felling of trees to aid construction , loss of greenery , release of toxic gases like Sulphur di oxide and Carbon monoxide , release of industrial toxic waste and leaching of agricultural inputs like fertilizers and pesticides in to the water bodies have further aggravated the problem in terms of increased pollution level Air pollution and water pollution is a of great concern in this region of the United States


Industrial units that release toxic gases like Sulphur di oxide Nitrogenous compounds and Mercurial derivatives contribute to air pollution to a great extent . The automobile exhaust fumes rich in carbon monoxide harms the oxygen binding mechanism in human blood . Welding is another industrial important contributor in which metal or other thermoplastic materials are joined together by the application of heat or pressure . This process produces gases like acetylene , carbon monoxide , oxides of nitrogen , ozone , phosgene and tungsten (Palmer .T 2006 ) The gas and chemical pollutants primarily enter the human system by inhalation route namely Respiration . The deposition of these inhaled particles in the lungs is influenced by its physical and chemical properties and a variety of host factors . In the lungs , these particles produce a variety of reactions including Asthma and Cancer depending on the concentration , duration of the exposure of the particles , and degree of exposure . Even babies in the womb have been found to be susceptible than their mothers to DNA damage from air pollution , despite the added protection of the placenta . The alarmingly high number of genetic mutations reported in the babies of New York have been linked the mutations to emissions from vehicles and other sources of urban pollution . A recent study of 265 pairs of nonsmoking African-American and Latina mothers and newborns in New York City at the time of delivery have shown that mothers and newborns had the same level of DNA damage from air pollutants . It is possible to measure the level of DNA damage from air pollutants in mothers and newborns by analyzing stretches of mutated DNA , called biomarkers that have been associated with exposure to diesel emissions and other air pollutants (Pereira , et al , 2004 Ground level ozone seems to be the main problem in Maryland . The Baltimore metropolitan region and Cecil County have been designated severe ground level ozone “nonattainment areas ” by the U .S . Environment Protection Agency . Ground level ozone is formed when strong sunlight reacts with pollutants from a variety of sources… [banner_entry_footer]


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