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Michel Foucault`s `Nietzsche, Genealogy, History`

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Foucault ‘s quest for truth led him to look for answers pertaining to the origin of mankind . He understood that the answers to these questions could be ascertained only by uncovering the effective history of mankind . If events that mold the course of history were to be interpreted as a slow process of revealing the purpose of life , then history would have to be viewed and analyzed from a metaphysical point of view . According to Foucault , events at various points of history had never conformed to a specific purpose of life . He felt [banner_entry_middle]

that it was quite evident that these events did not operate on the basis of a higher power or fate , but happened as a reaction to random conflicts . So , if these changes were to be viewed as a random occurrence with no hidden truth then history would have to be considered as a series of interpretations

History , in all its glory , is not merely a transition based on events but is a reversal based on conflicting beliefs . It is a common belief that the behavior of the human body is entirely governed by physiological laws . But , it would be quite interesting to learn that the body is also conditioned by elements like food practices and sleeping patterns , thereby emphasizing the influence of history . However , it is extremely hard to interpret anything significant about man ‘s past even from the human body as it has evolved itself through time . This requires systematic dismantling of flawed historical devices while carefully taking the present developments into consideration

The history of morals , philosophies and other postmodern concepts has to be studied , in to understand the various stages of history . Hence the task of deconstructing the past and connecting the dots of history is one of extreme difficulty . Effective history is very much different from conventional history that we have been exposed to in our lives Effective history does not consist of any constants and is not based on rediscovering familiar concepts to lend stability and significance to life . On the contrary , it rather poses conflict to our own opinions and pushes us into a state of utter confusion . Effective history is brash and unrefined , but it exposes anomalies , unexplained phenomenon and illogical events . This is because knowledge itself is not meant to be a tool for understanding , but a manifestation of facts . Hence , effective history could ultimately destroy belief systems and values which give us an illusion of continuity in life

Conventional history is based on metaphysical concepts and views history as a result of meaningful events with an intended goal and noblest intentions , but ignores the random events and idiosyncrasies that ultimately paved the way to the present state . Traditional history emphasizes upon the philosophical aspects such as the purpose and profound meaning of life . On the other hand , effective history is based upon physiological needs such as hunger , pain and other immediate necessities of life . So , when an event which threatens the fulfillment of needs occurs , it triggers… [banner_entry_footer]


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