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A Company Analysis

Part 1


Multinational companies have the capability of extending heir services as well as their product distribution to any part of the world Regardless of the industry that they are involved with , multinational companies enjoy the privilege of having a wide range of market share in the global trade . As for Merck , the existence of such a company in the world exchange of products and finance has done so much good effect on the part of their gross and profit share in the business industry [banner_entry_middle]

. Being a pharmaceutical company , Merck became one of the top suppliers of medicine to many parts of the world , both the rich and poverty-stricken countries

However , although most multinational companies enjoy the benefits of being known worldwide , there is still numerous times when the said business organizations meet several issues on business operational activities . The constant attendance of the company facilitators is often focused on the way the entire business system is being managed . As known to many , being worldwide is not that easy to deal with . There are certain rules and regulations pertaining to national laws and external affairs of which multinational companies should conform to . Aside from that the company management should also consider cultural ethics if they would like to be accepted worldwide

Being a business organization that is constantly connected with external appointment on international trade , there is always a specific system that must be followed to be able to get along with the international business system . This is the reason why the management operations of such companies should be intact and systematically arranged . As obviously portrayed by numerous multinational companies from all over the globe , the management team is the most essential part of the organization . The systematic scheduling of all the activities of the business organization would be the main source of confidence of the whole business entity , which in turn would also determine the possible profit gains of the said business organization

Hence , it would be simply reasonable to say that managing a multinational oriented company is not an easy task . It is a complex approach to business operation that involves a lot of effort to be ale to keep the company rules as well as company objectives intact amidst all the external challenges that that company has to meet

The said responsibilities that the management team of multinational companies has to meet could refer to marketing strategy planning production schedules and distribution processes . Everything in the said business processes should be closely attended to . As known to all , there are certain contracts and legal forms that are signed by the company once they agree to become a member of the International trade . Through the said forms , the company is then held liable to handle the responsibilities that they have sworn to fulfill under International trade policies . Among the said policies is being able t meet the company standard that it promises the international partners in the business industry as they have signed… [banner_entry_footer]


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