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menufacturing consent:Noam Chomsky

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Running Head : Manufacturing consent : Noam Chomsky

Manufacturing consent : Noam Chomsky

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Noam Chomsky

Chomsky is credited with the creation of the theory of generative grammar , considered to be one of the most significant contributions to the field of theoretical linguistics made in the 20th century . He also helped spark the cognitive revolution in psychology through his review of B .F . Skinner ‘s Verbal Behavior , in which he challenged the behaviorist approach to the study of mind and language dominant in the 1950s . His naturalistic approach to [banner_entry_middle]

the study of language has also affected the philosophy of language and mind . He is also credited with the establishment of the Chomsky-Sch ‘tzenberger hierarchy , a classification of formal languages in terms of their generative power .Noam Chomsky is one of the greatest living thinkers of contemporary times . His views and discourses have a lot of weight and importance in the world we live in today

Manufacturing consent is a landmark book by Noam Chomsky that relates to the role of media when it manufactures or creates consent and approval in people by giving them false pictures and through the use of rhetoric .Manufacturing Consent : The Political Economy of the Mass Media

The book was jointly written by Edward S . Herman and Noam Cnosky – it was first published in 1988 . The authors of this book put an analysis called the “propaganda model . The book argues that since mass media news outlets are now run by large corporations , they are under the same competitive pressures as other corporations . According to the book , the pressure to create a stable , profitable business invariably distorts the kinds of news items reported , as well as the manner and emphasis in which they are reported . This occurs not as a result of conscious design but simply as a consequence of market selection : those businesses who happen to favor profits over news quality survive , while those that present a more accurate picture of the world tend to become marginalize ( HYPERLINK “http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Manufacturing_Consent http /en .wikipedia .org /wiki /Manufacturing_Consent

Before , we look into this theory , we assess the related theories and concepts of rhetoric , semeiotics (myth ideology , meme , and hyper reality


Rhetoric is the art of using symbols to produce effects that are often dramatic or shocking . The rhetorician Kenneth Burke has put this neatly by defining rhetoric as symbolic action , acting through symbols As symbolic animals , humans constantly use symbols to influence one another . We argue for political positions . We solicit sales by phone . We pass along information and traditions . We teach our children to recognize the set of things that are red . In a broad sense , this is all rhetorical activity (http /web .syr .edu hjjankie /209 /cncpts .rhet .html


The slippage of reality , its elusiveness encountered even in a basic search for a definition , is an element of the hyper real – a condition in which the distinction between the `real ‘ and the imaginary implodes There is no static definition of… [banner_entry_footer]


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