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mental health and the prison system

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Who are the victims of mental health and how they are treated within the legal and prison system

Mental health or mental illness , base on the question , `is concern with illnesses of the mind , or with treating illnesses of the mind (Longman ,

.890 ) These illnesses , which affect the mind , create hallucinations that can lead the people who suffer from them to cause harm to the innocent people who fall victim to them . According to the Longman dictionary , the word `victim ‘ refers to `someone who has been attacked , robbed or murdered (Longman , p [banner_entry_middle]

.1593 ) It can also refer to someone who suffers because they are affected by an illness

In January 1999 , a young woman was pushed from behind , in front of a New York City subway train , to her death . Her murderer was a mentally ill patient who had refused to consume his medication . This young woman ‘s name was Kendra Webdale and the Kendra ‘s law was named after her . She was considered a victim of mental health . There are many other cases who were fall victim to these illnesses

Due to their mental illnesses , many people questioned whether these `criminals ‘ should be charged and face the consequences or should they be treated in the hospital for the mentally ill under strict control and supervision . They are being view as the victims of the mental health for the reason that they are not in their `right ‘ minds to judge . This occurs because they are suffering from the illness affecting their mind

Looking from the patients ‘ point of view , they are undergoing a lot of stress due to their conditions as they have fears that they are not accepted by the family , friends and society . With the stress they are undergoing , they might not be able to face the fact and would not want to take their medication . This had led to intervention of the legal system to control the situation

According to Kendra ‘s Law , a procedure has to be followed for obtaining court s for certain individuals with mental illness to receive and accept assisted outpatient treatment (AOT (Office of Mental Health 2006 ) The mentally ill individual who can qualify for AOT must be at least 18 years old and shows a sign of being incapable of surviving on his own . In view of the concern that the patient may do serious harm to others in the society , an AOT is more likely to benefit him . The request for AOT can be done by the parent , spouse , sibling , director of a hospital , licensed psychologist or a probation officer

However , there are some lawyers who contest that the law will only serve to violate the patient ‘s process protection . In addition , many wonder if the implementation of this law is strong enough to force a person to take medication . There is always the possibility of the patient having tried to seek treatment but failed . As such , the government should not simply laws to force the taking of medication… [banner_entry_footer]


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