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meeting patient`s spiritual needs

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God , does she find comfort in her belief amidst her illness , the need to be forgiven , was she a member of religious organization within the community , what gives meaning and purpose to her life , and her personal beliefs . The information we gathered helped us determine the kind of spiritual care service we would give her

Results and Benefits

In its 1996 meeting , 90 of the American Academy of Family Physicians declared that the spiritual beliefs of patients are helpful in their medical treatment . Several studies and surveys have already shown the [banner_entry_middle]

many benefits of spirituality in healing . The National Institute for Healthcare Research reported that those who regularly attend religious activities live longer . According to the 1998 Research in Spirituality and Health Coping , prayer is the number one non-drug method in managing pain . These findings can now be seen in Mrs . Brown ‘s case . After giving her spiritual care , Mrs . Brown showed signs of reduced anxiety depression , and distress . She does not feel lonely anymore as she is constantly surrounded by her family and caring nurses . She adjusted well to follow-up treatment of her cancer and has now the confidence of enjoying life . In addition , she somehow improved her physical condition exhibiting high levels of self-respect and less worries about her health . She also demonstrated stronger coping mechanisms and personal values giving her quality of life that she now enjoys . After going through all sorts of counseling , Mrs . Brown is now capable of forgiving and be forgiven . This feeling , she said , resolved all her guilt and restored her good relationships with those she had disagreements in the past . Because of her faith , Mrs . Brown is now ready to face her final day and is very much prepared to the uncertainties she may encounter She has already accepted her fate wherever… [banner_entry_footer]


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