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Mediatory Essay: Reconciling Science and Religion in the modern era

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Science and religion are most often viewed to be on two opposite ends of the theoretical spectrum . Viewing the two as strictly oppositional does not benefit society as a whole . Science and religion can co-exist without major conflict . In addition , science and religion can even be used together to support one another . Science and religion can be combined together to better understand the surrounding environment and to improve the quality of human existence

One of the difficulties that arise in understanding the balance between science and religion is the definition of religion [banner_entry_middle]

. If a secular view of religion is held then there are so many religions that it would be impossible for the religions to compliment one another and address issues including scientific ones . It is evident that religion cannot be reduced to any single religious tradition , although it can draw strength from the collaborative support of various traditions (Falk When groups refer to religion simply by the one sector that they retain membership , the groups are discounting all other religious traditions and sectors . Both parties can view the groups no longer in competition with one another but as one large communal group working together to understand the surrounding environment and the factors controlling our immediate world and the universe . Having a more universal definition of religion as opposed to a secular definition enables learning between the sectors

Contrary to common belief , religion has not excluded science and scientific explanation of world events throughout history . Religion and science have had a tremendous impact on one another from as early as the beginning of the thirteenth century when Aristotle ‘s works had become available in Europe (Lindberg , and Numbers 342 ) In the end Christianity took its basic categories of thought , its physical principles and much of its metaphysics and cosmology from Aristotle (Lindberg , and Numbers 342 ) Many forms of religion and various sectors within the religious community have basic beliefs that are founded on philosophy . When the individual sectors are combined into one definition for religion , there is no longer inner conflict among the groups but a collaborative effort of the group as a whole . It is through the vision of human existence that is human-centered ‘ that will enable people to move beyond a society based on reason and machines (Falk

As part of society , individuals and groups have significant roles Religion has become an integral part of many people ‘s lives and plays a significant roll in understanding and interpreting the world around us Polls consistently show that about ninety percent of Americans continue to believe in God (Wexler ) People are greatly influenced by religion and it affects all aspects of their lives . Religion provides answers to the question of permanence as well as fill subsequent need capacities : needs to symbolize , to relate to , and to understand god (Poll , and Smith ) Regardless of which sector of religion the individual participates , answers are provided by development of core morals and belief systems

Science is often mistakenly viewed as an attempt to… [banner_entry_footer]


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