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Matter and Energy

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What are the four states of matter

The four states of matter are solid , liquid , gas , and plasma

Using water as an example , describe how matter can change from one form to another

Liquid to Gas (Evaporation : As heat energy is added to water molecules (boiling of water , they begin to move more rapidly and break apart from each other with more ease . They are then able to become completely separate to the point that they can float up into the atmosphere

Liquid to Solid (Freezing : As heat energy is removed from water [banner_entry_middle]

br molecules (freezing of water , the binding together of two water molecules becomes more frequent . At water ‘s freezing temperature , the water molecules become bonded together so that they are stuck together and don ‘t move nearly as much

What is the difference between organic and inorganic compounds ? Give an example of each

Compounds and molecules constructed in living tissues are commonly called organic . Forms of matter not formed by living things are termed inorganic . Organic Compounds are found naturally within the earth . For example , water . An inorganic compound is not found naturally within the earth . It usually has to be produced . For example , drugs that are made are inorganic

List some differences between high-quality and low-quality matter . And give an example of each

Matter quality is determined by the usefulness of a resource . High quality matter is organized and concentrated . Low quality matter is disorganized and dispersed , often in the ocean or deep underground . High quality matter examples are solids , salts , and gasoline . Low quality matter examples are solution of salt in water , aluminum ore , and automobile emissions

Using the law of conservation of matter , explain why there is no away ‘ when dealing with the issues of pollution

According to the law of conservation of matter during a normal chemical reaction there is no increase or decrease in the quantity of matter Pollution never will just go away . It will always resurface in another form such as acid rain or polluted well water

What are the two major types of energy , and what is the difference between them ? Give an example of each

Potential and Kinetic energy are the two types of energy . Potential energy is energy that is stored in an object . If you stretch a rubber band , you will give it potential energy . As the rubber band is released potential energy is changed to motion . Water stored behind a dam , the chemical energy of the food we consume , and the gasoline that we putting in our cars are all examples of potential energy

Kinetic energy is energy of motion . A rock falling from a cliff , a bee in flight , wind blowing leaves of trees , and water following over a waterfall are all examples of kinetic energy . A rubber band flying through the air has kinetic energy . When you are walking or running your body is exhibiting kinetic energy . Potential energy is converted into kinetic energy

Give an example of potential changing to kinetic energy

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