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Marx`s Working Class View

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Make an argument for why you agree or disagree with the idea that those who are at the bottom of a social hierarchy see society most clearly Support your arguments in a logical manner . Also , be sure to define your terms

Marx influence in his life was not as great , but it increased after his death . His ideas and theories known as Marxism created the base of socialism . His analysis of the capitalist economy had given rise to socialist regimes in the 20th century . Marx philosophy resides on the nature of human [banner_entry_middle]

being . For him the nature of human being is to transform nature , which he calls labour . Contrary to popular capitalists theory where labour can be bought and sold and work can earn just wages Marx did not believe that it is possible . According Marx , all people cannot work in the same way . Such interpretation is more appealing to the less developed and uneducated segment of society , as they cannot climb up the social ladder easily . His theory was simple and easy to comprehend for a person of average intellect . For example he mentions that the mode of production change more speedily than the way people acquire skills thus any economy that is based on producers and sellers is bound to fail . For example it is common even now to develop technology first and then develop law . It is this mismatch between economic base and social superstructure which gives rise to social disruption affecting the people at the lower end of society

When minorities talk of discrimination or feminist talk of exploitation their comparison is always with a class . The poor and unprivileged see the upper class as usurpers of their rights . With the advent of globloization Marx prediction seem to come true again . For example it is normal for Multinational Corporation to setup businesses in poor countries due to the availability of cheap labour and sell these goods overseas at higher price . This impact of globalization has given rise to workers being discriminated on the basis of sexes . For feminist women emancipation has a major theme of the 21st century the purpose of which is to free women from by men . The inherent problem in such way of thinking is looking at other group as rival not as partner . Woman in many countries live in miserable conditions , but such way of living is due to the social norms rather than class difference . The miserable treatment of women is not done by rich and powerful of the society , but it is male of lower tier of society , who resorts to violent tactics The rich and powerful in the same environment treat their women in entirely different way giving more choices and freedom compared to the male at lower end of the society

Marxism offers a solution that has become a vison that carry different meanings for different people . In the 18th and 19th century the idea took birth due to the frenzy industrialization and rampant poverty in the industrial… [banner_entry_footer]


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