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Martin Luther King`s speech and letter

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On April 1963 , jailed for leading demonstrations to demand the desegregation of Birmingham , Alabama , Dr . Martin Luther King read in a Birmingham news the statement of eight Birmingham clergymen descrying his assertive tactics (Carpenter ) In response , he penned a ’93letter ’94 in which he detailed his reasons for leading demonstrations in Birmingham and throughout the American South , despite calls from many quarters for a less confrontational approach . In this eloquent piece , he called on the nation to join in support of the demand [banner_entry_middle]

br for the immediate end to racial segregation ( ’93Letter ’94

In particular , Dr . King castigated two groups that he felt had for too long tolerated racism by their failure to act against it : white moderates , and white churches . The white moderate valued ” and all to often , he clung to his well-enforced even when that meant refusing to do justice . He a peace which was merely the absence of openly expressed tension to a deeper peace that was the product of justice . He forever faulted the means used to try to end segregation , whatever these means were he forever found reasons for delaying freedom for others . His continual ’93Yes , but ’94 held out a promise of equality and justice for blacks , but it was a promise that repeatedly withered on some claim of inconvenience or excuse of bad timing . King had so tired of the professed but disappearing support of the moderate that he dealing with the straightforward bigot ( ’93Letter ’94

To King , law and were merely the building blocks of justice , and it was a perversion of these elements that made them barriers to social progress . Correcting this situation meant bringing the social system to an understanding that all people had rights that had to be honored . If the white moderate had forgotten the goal of justice , or had become frightened by the need to force change upon a racist social structure that did not want change , then he needed to be roused from his complaisance . To King , the tension that gripped Birmingham was a natural and necessary step from a peace based on oppression to a true peace in which every man had the freedom and dignity to which all Americans are entitled . King rejected the idea that he was causing tension , insisting he was merely bringing it into the open , exposing it so that the people of Birmingham had to deal with it . Racism was like an infection : it was not cured by keeping it hidden it was cured by bringing it into the open ( ’93Letter ’94

King also rejected the idea that his actions were wrong because they incited others to violence . He dismissed this reasoning as an effort to blame the victim . To him , it was analogous to condemning Jesus for staying constant to the will of God . ’93[I]t is wrong to urge an individual to cease his efforts to gain his basic constitutional rights because the… [banner_entry_footer]


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