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marketing your Ed organization

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Marketing For Your Ed Organization

Integrated marketing has become very popular in businesses however universities have been wary in adopting this important strategy . Still international competition has made it important for schools to adopt the integrated marketing approach . This assignment first examines and discusses integrated marketing , then the application of integrated marketing in education , develops an instrument that can be used to asses the degree of integrated marketing prevailing in an organization Finally the assignment discusses the case of a hypothetical business school and gives recommendations of applying integrated marketing to [banner_entry_middle]

the business school

Integrated marketing communications refers to the lining up of organizational communications with the needs of customers . This requires the marketer to take several measures . He is required to carry out marketing research to find out why the communication messages fail or work . It is important to build up learning over time . However , retesting is required to revalidate or rule out old finding . In addition , user experience of the product or service needs to be used and the information managed to optimize the experience . Usability professionals are important for this part of marketing integration , they help build up an association with the potential customers . They are interested in and are involved with the customer ‘s perspective . Their experience with the customer is important for marketing integration . A cross-agency organization and planning should go into the budgeting process of the communication . Only after the cross agency ideation inputs are received should budgets be committed to media . The hallmark of integrative marketing is that original thinking and out of the box ideas should be encouraged during interactions between company and agency . There should be brilliant structuring of the ideas for creative collaboration to fructify . Finally , there is a need to correctly and exactly define the problem that needs to be addressed using Marketing Communications (Smith .

Jonathan . T 2004 . In essence marketing integration refers to a close collaboration with the media partners throughout the communication planning , and development stages

From another standpoint , integrated marketing refers to holding a person responsible for the integration of marketing . Usually it is a top marketing executive in an organization and a top agency partner . These persons need to be selected carefully as their selection is important for integration to take place . There needs to be an integration of ideas , from the agencies , the media personnel and the marketer . The person holding responsible position for integration should be willing to integrate ideas even after the plans have been prepared . He should communicate in an unequivocal manner and there should be a single brief for the creative , media and website . The brief should be comprehensive but should be targeted accurately . Further , the integrative communication manager should learn from the leaders of integration in marketing communication , their strong points should be documented and studied for ideas . Finally , integration needs to be specified very clearly so that it is strategic in nature and can be used for positioning and every aspect of marketing (Pelsmacker .

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