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10 Background of the Bank

The bank that is under discussion is a multinational Bank with a good reputation around the country . People rate it as stable courtesy to the rating it has domestically from local rating companies and from Standard and Poor (S

) and Moody ‘s as well . This Bank has approximately two thousand branches around the territory of the host country spreading in from remote areas to metropolitan cities . All in all , the Bank has a stable future ahead with the trust of the customers intact

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offers basic products like consumer financing , which involves credit card facility , car financing , home financing and personal loans etcetera . While on the other hand , financing to corporations is provided as well . It has debt to equity ratio of 40 /60 respectively displaying a stable status . Since the country ‘s banking industry is in its peak periods therefore the regulations on all the Banks have been tightened in to remove all the weak and instable Banks from the picture Hence , indicating that in the given scenario only a strong Bank can survive

The Bank ‘s mission statement is to provide its customer with the best possible service and making sure that an individual leaves with a content set of mind after indulging into a transaction . In to achieve the given objective , the Bank has made every effort to accomplish it , which includes recruitment of able and worthy staff implementation of service with the best interest of customers and proactive thought process behind every action

The vision statement of the Bank is to see itself as one of the leading Banks of the country in the next three to five years , which is not a very high target to achieve since its already on the way of being one Along with that , the ulterior motive is to establish trust among the customer so that they feel comfortable while dealing with the Bank

Background of the Branch

The branch that needs to be considered is the one that is situated in one of the metropolitan cities of the country . It already has approximately one hundred branches in the city and this particular branch is situated along with many branches of other banks in the area

The area that this branch is situated in is a pretty populated place with well-to-do residents . The branch is not a very old one and is just a few months old , although is well established and have up-to-date interior decor . Due to its young existence , this branch has a limited customer base and therefore a limited reach and in return a limited hold on the customers

This branch , like the other branches of the Bank has the best personnel to serve the customer with quality service at hand and all the procedures and policies are present to provide service to attain a satisfied customer . Due to high requirement of the banking industry in the country , this branch would also have to live up-to the high… [banner_entry_footer]


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