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Analysis : Flirt Vodka

A couple makes out in a bathroom stall as an `angel (devil in disguise ) tallies off the number of encounters for the night caused by Flirt vodka

A couple makes out in an automobile as a sultry `angel (devil in disguise ) tallies off the number of encounters for the night caused by Flirt vodka

Target Market

Target market for this product is more or less clear . As seen from this print ad (as well as others by Flirt , the target are males of legal age for alcohol [banner_entry_middle]

consumption . The ad can be seen as targeted towards males for consumption or encouraging males to get their female equivalents drunk . Lifestyle is hip and modern along with those who dare enough to actually do `it ‘ in public places . The brand is depicting this sort of a persona and targeting customers with a similar personality Socioeconomic this brand targets is probably middle class and beyond (although it cannot be said by looking at this ad that it makes such a distinction between targeted classes . This brand being Bulgarian is thus targeting middle and upper middles class males between the ages of 18-30 with a hip urban lifestyle and liberal personalities

Consumer need

Consumer needs they are trying to fulfill here are not that of getting high or drunk but rather getting more than just a drink out of their brand . As is assumed , drinks usually end up with getting people drunk and getting involved in practices prohibited in public places . The ads naughtiness hints at that . It encourages its consumers to dare and expect (or do more ) than just drink . They thus subtly promise that if you drink their brand , you can get girls for the night . The brand also promises more fun and naughtiness . The basic need however that it fulfils in terms of a product is the craving for an alcoholic drink . The intrinsic needs it caters to can be agreed upon to be confidence , humor sexual urges and daring


This ad is pretty much `in your face . By the looks of it , most of the male population (its primary target market ) will be amused and entertained by viewing them . The female population however might be offended and taken aback (especially in the ad where a woman is down on her knees and the guy is counting stars rather than scratching tally mars on a surface as in the above ads their TVC ‘s however are a bit more respectful to women . theless , this ad campaign will create (and has created ) enough hype for the target market to start talking about due to its direct nature . Note that unlike other brands , Flirt has achieved to make a strong statement without showing nudity or any other such thing here . This is where they should be applauded . The idea is good and perfectly executed by only hinting at what the couples are doing . The use of color too is good and effectively communicates the brands color scheme (dark red… [banner_entry_footer]


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