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Marketing Mix

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Marketing Mix at Dell Inc

Marketing can be viewed as a set of functions that include product development , packaging , pricing , advertising , selling , distribution and customer service . Marketing tactics are referred to as the 4Ps product , place , promotion , and price (Kotler , 2003 . The marketing mix is probably the most famous phrase in marketing . It was James Culliton who coined the expression Marketing Mix and it was Jerome McCarthy , who described the variables of marketing mix in terms of the four Ps

The product variables include : 1 . Product line and range , 2 . Design [banner_entry_middle]

quality , features , models , style , size and warranty , 3 . Packaging , type materials , label , 4 . Branding and trade mark , 5 . Service , pre-sale and after-sale , 6 . New Products

The place variables are : 1 . Channels of distributions , types of intermediaries , channel policy and design , location of outlets , channel remuneration , and dealer-principal relations , 2 . Physical distribution transportation , warehousing , inventory , processing , etc

The price variables are : 1 . Pricing policies , levels of prices , levels of margins , discounts and rebates , 2 . Terms of delivery , payment terms credit terms and installment facilities , 3 . Resale price maintenance

Promotion variables are : 1 . Personal selling , objectives , quality of sales force , cost level , level of motivation , and level of effort , 2 Advertising , media mix , budgets , allocations , and programs , 3 . Sales promotional efforts , display , contests , trade promotions , 4 . Publicity and public relations . The application of marketing mix in the case of Dell Inc . can be illustrated as follows

About Dell

Dell Inc . supplies PCs to business and domestic customers across the globe using direct marketing approach . In addition , Dell supplies a range of IT products and services to businesses , including powerful servers , storage , workstations , notebooks , and desktops . Dell employs approximately 47 ,800 people worldwide Product

Dell places product quality as one of the main criteria . Recently Dell voluntarily recalled certain Dell-branded batteries with cells manufactured by Sony and offered free replacements for these batteries This is because it has been found that under rare conditions , it is possible for these batteries to overheat , which could pose a risk of fire . This measure shows how much importance Dell places on product quality . The main part of Dell ‘s success is its strategy of offering consumers `choice and control ‘ when it comes to product purchase . Buyers can click through Dell and assemble computer system piece by piece choosing components like hard drive size and processor speed based on their budgets and needs . This direct contact with consumers gives Dell a competitive advantage . Dell ‘s approach to innovation is customer driven . Moreover , Dell has returned to one year standard warranties on all its products . Dell builds computers on a just-in-time (JIT build-to- (BTO ) basis . Therefore , if a new technology emerges it can be included immediately


By catering to customers across nations from the internet and through regional centers , Dell has acquired the location strategy advantage From 1999 , Dell has engaged in extensive marketing campaigns . The “Be Direct ” promotion campaign has changed the way consumer view Dell . The campaign focus on consumer benefits of new… [banner_entry_footer]


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