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The main purpose of this is to study the company names It ‘s Popcorn Time and analyze the current situation that it is in and what it decides to do for the future . There are a number of things that the company would like to do but there is a need for the company to understand with a marketing perspective as to how these goals will be achieved and will be some of the crucial steps and milestones that must be achieved in the process

IPT ‘s Current State of Affairs [banner_entry_middle]

p Currently the company is selling a certain portfolio of products such as cookies , different flavored popcorn and even pretzels . The company uses the retailers and the wholesalers as a way of selling the products to the customers . They tend to interact with their corporate customers that then further sell the product in the same manner

The company plans to expand its product line along with having an expansion , which are both two very different activities . Each of these activities has to be tackled in a different manner and there are a number of decisions that should be taken for such changes to take place within a company . The expansion of the product line would indicate differentiation of products and this would in turn improve the image of the company

A Target Market

A target market is defined so that the company knows what kind of people it plans to focus on and then will produce products that are beneficial to these people . The target market of the new product line would be the Dutch as well as those who live in Pennsylvania . There will a combination of the two cities because there is a need to understand the different tastes . There is a chance that the two cities make have almost the taste in food products

For the expansion , on the other hand , the company will only move into the different cities of the same country where similar structure will be built with retailers and the company and then increase its customer base by expanding and allowing more customers to have a reach to the IPT products . Having a specific area where the products will be sold will allow the company to segment its customers so that they are able to concentrate on them more and then not have any interruptions

Marketing Opportunities

The company can market the entire expansion and the product line by simply having a small outlet of its own where the company could have salesmen that directly talk to the customer and this would allow the company to have their research running along with the sales for the company

The company , with a small outlet , could allow the customers to provide the salesmen and the employees with different opinions of the products and the services that are provided by the company and this would then mean that the company would concentrate on forward integration and reduce costs

By allowing the customers to have access to outlets in various areas the customers will consider the company as a convenient way of shopping for goods and then they will visit the shop even more . This would mean that the company would be positioned for snacks . However , this would also improve on the way the company would differentiate itself from others and hence , gain a competitive advantage

The Marketing Plan , Including Elements Such As Pricing and Promotion

The marketing plan of the expansion and the new product line could be based upon the concept of the lower cost advantage which would then lead to lower prices . However , there is a need to ensure to the customers that by providing lower prices , the quality of the products is not being affected

The customers must also be made aware of the small outlets of the company that will be opening soon that would provide certain discounts and offers to the customers based upon the kind of products they buy There could be offers on the new products that will be introduced


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