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Market Segmentation and Target Markets

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Running Head : Market Segmentation Target Markets

Segmentation Target Markets



The two people who were supposed to purchase two same products or services bought a pair of sunglasses . One of the sunglasses brands were Christian Dior and the other one a local Chinese made , with cheap material . Both the buyers have a different buyer decision process . Both of the people have been asked same questions and answers were radically different . The interview questions are

When did you realize that you require buying the product or service you have [banner_entry_middle]

just bought

Did you search for more knowledge about the product or service that you bought

Didn ‘t you consider any other product or service to buy in place of what you bought

Did you buy the product or service because the product or service suits your personality , lifestyle , or it changes your attitude and makes you look cooler or is there any other reason

Did you buy the product or service because of general usage in the society or is there any other reason for that

Did you regret your buying decision , if yes then why ? Even if just for while

The person who bought the sunglasses of Christian Dior answered that he was although in need of sunglasses from a long time because he used to find it difficult while driving the car in the morning when going to office and therefore he was just looking for some free time so that he can go and buy the sunglasses . The customer didn ‘t search for any information about the sunglasses until he entered the shop and started looking for them . He found so many of them but he wanted the one with 100 UV rays protection . According to him , there were many sunglasses that were providing 100 UV rays protection but there were also few that were very stylish with a brand label . The customer found them a bit expensive but ultimately decided to buy one of them . According to analysis , the customer has been influenced by numerous factors , there was a need of such product , so was the motivation to buy such product the customer was very much influenced by the perception he possessed as the customer was having in mind that a 100 UV rays protection sunglasses would definitely protect his eyes and would enable him to see clear in sunlight . The customer has a great influence of society and culture , he could have bought ordinary sunglasses that are cheaper but he bought branded one because he knew that people would like to see an expensive brand over his face and he is following the modern trends in the least possible way . The customer never regretted his purchase decision because he limits the use of sunglasses to the traveling . He does not have to wear them in parties and at local places

The other buyer who got cheaper sunglasses with no UV rays protection has a much simple behavior , the buyer had been visiting the store from… [banner_entry_footer]


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