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Manufactured crisis

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Manufactured Crisis

Manufactured Crisis : Myths , Fraud , and the Attack on America ‘s Public Schools Manufactured Crisis : Myths , Fraud , and the Attack on America ‘s Public Schools

Manufactured Crisis : Myths , Fraud , and the Attack on America ‘s Public Schools is an illustrative work by Berliner , an educational psychologist , and Biddle , a social psychologist , unfolds the the popualr myths about American school education that are prevalent in the American society . It further explain the background of the creation of these myth and refute the popular beliefs on various grounds .He [banner_entry_middle]

is of the view thatr since the publication of A Nation at Risk (1983 , American society has fabricated various popular myths about their scholl educational system

He further narrates the nature of these beliefs and says that there are several distinct types of popular myths i .e . failure of Aemrican school system in general , declin in the college students ‘ performance and the comparative failure to keep up with their fallow students in advanced European and Asian countries measured against the developed parameters better performance of private schools as compared with public schools too much resource allocation for education but net result is not worth that spending and threat to American future due to the failure of these public school system . Berliner and Biddle consider these allegation as mere speculations and fabrication that has no real grounds

The arguments provided innthe books are not subjective and indivduals speculation but Berliner and Biddle ‘s arguments are developed by close analysis and interpretation of the data and decoding high-sounding polemical pronouncements . The pronouncements of these prominent scholars are based on quite fair assumptions and they closely assess the data to prove their points . The strength of their findings can be illustrated by the continuous advice offered to reader to aassess their findings on parameters they used for other contemporary educational critics who created the above-mentioned myths

At the very start , the book looks into the hidden agendas and motives of some distinguished educational critics and tries to pocate the reasons for that . The authors depict that by manufacturing some myth about the public sector school system , these scolars and intellectiauals serve the vested interests of pro-privatization groups . Berliner and Biddle further assersts in the past the assualt on public schools came from the same pro-privatization groups . They provide comprehensive data and manifest that all these attacks were repleted with fabricated myths faradulent assertions about the disadvantages of American Public School System

Berliner and Biddle illustrates that in reality this manufactured viewpoint is an epitome of organized malevolence that only serves the interests of some vested group in the education sector .And this creationof myth has deluded American nation about the true state of public school system and their triumphs for the last two decades . The fabrication of these myths need lobbying abd subtle penetration into the minds and psychology of the Amerrican people . Berliner and Biddle affirm that this viewpoint has been extensively propogated influential people within the govermental sector and outside , who “were… [banner_entry_footer]


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